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Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV' started by Aranel, Oct 15, 2019.

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm trying to have my main character use commands that will make the other characters use a specific skill.
    I let the skill call a common event, which let's the 3 other party members use a unique attack skill, by "force action: character X, unique skill, random".

    This all works perfectly, except that the animation seems to be bugged. It always shows a specific animation depending on where the skill lies (43th skill or 3rd skill,...), the only skill that seems to have it's correct animation is: #1 attack skill.
    all others display an animation independent on what I chose in the skill's animation option.

    Does anyone know how to keep the correct animation?

    Thanks in advance!

    ps: I also have Yanfly's STB system in place (and battleEngineCore of course), but I don't think it's the cause of my problem.

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