Apr 22, 2013
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I put together a small and quick little fighter game using RPG mechanics. I wanted to see what I can push out of the engine and try to use as few scripts as possible. There are no imported graphics for this. Every character/animation has been done using only the basic set up. It's all very simply done, nothing too flashy.

I present Force Fighters!

There are 14 playable characters, each with their own unique skills.

These characters have discovered neutral ground after escaping oppressive rule from their native lands. however, upon making it to this nameless and untouched beautiful country, these people encounter competition in the form of beasts and other desperate folk looking to make a home. Battles break out. Only the strongest will survive here and this land will be claimed by the right of might. This is Force Fighters.

The entire game works on a single event! Battles are chosen at random after you select your character and pick from the menu. There is a shop for armor and weapons, there is an option to check your character menu.

The opening screen:

I have put in some in-game tips with a prompt menu allowing you to turn them on or off just

before character selection.

This is character selection. There is a Choose your fighter text just before the choices show up.

(If there is a recommended script that will allow both more choices and characters next to their names, that would be awesome, just like normal fighters.)

This is the main control menu

Here is what happens after you play through the game a couple of times and

complete all the hidden requirements.

Below are some stage examples in battle

Here is example boss stage

How does combat work?

There are two classes: Light and Heavy.

Lighter fighters have slightly more evasion but slightly less defense and attack power.

Heavy fighters have slightly less evasion but slightly more defense and attack power.

Both light and heavy fighters have one skill for stunning the opponent. These are not 100% accurate

and cost TP. The heavy fighters stun move costs slightly more TP, does more damage and has

a slightly greater chance at stunning. The lighter fighters stun move costs slightly less TP, does less damage

and has a smaller chance of stunning.

Both light and heavy fighters have three important parts outside of special skills:

1 stun move, one double strike, one strong normal attack.

Every character has at least one special move and one emergency healing spell.

How do specials/magic work?

Each character at level 1 begins with a small amount of MP. All special skills regardless of them

being physical or magical will cost MP. MP is used up to prevent players and enemies from

constantly tossing out specials in a fight. At the beginning for the first few levels, players will at max

be able to use three specials before being completely drained of their MP. As you level up and get

stronger, you may be able to cast your specials more and more as your parameters grow.


Yes. There are states and elements in Force Fighters. There are no immunities in Force Fighters

only resistances. So even if you manage to level up and buy the strongest armor in game

you can still find yourself threatened by poison or burning or cold. The states are:

Paralysis - comes with shock spells and will drain MP (two turns)

Burning - comes with fire spells and will cut down health for three turns

Poison - cuts health and lasts 3-4 turns.

Cold - will drain TP heavily, forcing victim to build up again for skills. (3 turns)

Silence - will not only prevent you from using specials, it will prevent you from using skills (3-4 turns)

Confusion - will force you into auto attack anything. Will last 2-3 turns

Guard - Guard is a special one so here is how to handle it:

When you or the enemy use Guard, they will enter a defensive state that lasts 2 turns.

They are still able to move and attack. In guard, ALL damage, special or not, is reduced to 30%.

States and the chance of states occurring is NOT AFFECTED by guarding. Here are the ways to break guard:

Special strikes or using your characters specific stun strike (remember that both light and heavy fighters have 1 stun strike) Even if the damage from the stun strike is blocked, the effect is that it will remove the guard. Imagine a fighter blocking high strikes but you use a sweep attack to trip them, or a throw attack. Like that.

There are no items and no spells to quickly remove states. You need to wait them out and survive through them.

There are a few things I need to tighten up. I'm looking to add some animations to the specials since there isn't anything showing at the moment. And I want to do just a little bit more tests on some numbers..

One note about the game:

This game at first can be tough! Because of the design and near equal stats between enemy and player character, each fight in the beginning can be really tough. If you can get past level three, despite the scaling, you should have achieved enough gold to buy something to give you a slight edge. I found that making a fighter RPG style with enemy and player having equal skills, it doesn't feel that way in game. If you can stick through it and work on a character just enough for a slight edge it should ease up a little for you.

I am satisfied with the slow but noticeable growth in characters as they level up, note that enemies will level with you so there is some scaling. But if you grind  hard enough you can overcome the scaling and overtake them if you really want to power through everything. But it will take a while.

There are a lot of secrets, one of which is already spoiled here in one of the pics in character selection. But there are some goodies to be found if you just keep going at it.

If you want to unlock some of the best secrets: level up, level up level up.

So that's it. Force Fighters!!

I will be working on credits for the awesome scripts I used from all the smarter people here.
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