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    Hey there everyone, I encountered another problem when making a Menu/Interface heavy game. (´・ω・`)

    My game has a kinda huge amount of actors in the party, with Actor 1 being the only one to be able to change classes.

    I don't want Players to be able to see the Class Change Scene with the other Actors.

    I already disabled L and R (Q and W) so that you can't switch back and forth Actors in the class change Scene.

    Viewing the Status of a different Actor happens with the help of SumRndmDdes Actor Selection.

    But like the Standard Menu, when you highlight lets say Actor 2 and go to its Equip/Status/Skill Scene.

    and then go to another Scene, or in my case, automatically open the Class Change Scene via Script Call,

    it will open the Scene for the Actor previously selected/highlighted (Actor 2 for example)

    tldr: Is there a way where i can manually change some variable so that i can 'highlight' actor 1 before calling the (Class Change) Scene via Script Call?

    Thanks in Advance. I'd appreciate every help.
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