Forgotten Spirits [Early Demo]

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May 15, 2012
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It was a small island in the lower-right part of the world. It was full of lush forests, high mountains and some grasslands. There were a few villages around the island. The sea surrounding it has lots of wonders to offer. It was the place they call home. The village was a small one near the south coast of the island. The people live mostly by either fishing or hunting.

The Raegar family is composed of 4: Maximo, Anna, Rhea Alexandra and Castiel Michaelo . Maximo was a hunter and Anna used to be one, but wasn’t as active as before ever since their first child, Castiel was born. Life on the island was mostly peaceful and full of fun.

Castiel and Alexandra used to play a lot with the other kids. They swam in the sea, ran in the fields, listened to their parent’s stories and a few other things. Then suddenly, one night changed their lives. A powerful creature attacked the village. The creature killed the guards and some of the village folks in their homes. The Raegar home was one of the unfortunate. Maximo and Anna tried to fight the creature but it killed them both. Seemingly unsatisfied with just killing them, the creature smiled at the kids and then vanished together with Maximo and Anna’s bodies. Castiel Michaelo and Rhea Alexandra swore that they will become strong and hunt that vile creature down to avenge their parents.

And that was where the story began…


- Custom Battle System [Action Speed Based Dynamic Turns Battle System]

   -> The turn order is determined by the speed of the actions that you choose and is ever changing, choosing the right action can be the matter of winning or losing

- Drive System

   -> Use arts of a certain skill type in succession and enter a trance that heightens your parameters or unleash mayhem on the enemy

- Custom Skill Learning

   -> Choose which skill types you want to use and master

   -> Learn new Arts every few skill levels

   -> Levelling skills also increases your parameters in order to help you achieve the build of your choice (not yet in uploaded demo version)

- Arts Levelling

   -> Your arts increase in power as you use it, so use them as much as you can


Arts Menu

Skills Menu


Under Development, Demo Available

Technical Details
Engine: RM VXAce
File size: ~100MB
Distribution Media: Downloadable Installer
Play time: TBA

Recommended Requirements
OS: Windows 7 and above
RAM: 512MB
Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
Monitor: Supporting 1024×576 resolution
Peripherals: Keyboard


Get it from Phantasma Omnis

Installation Notes-Download the installer file linked above-Open the file after download and choose where to unpack the files-Make sure the chosen path isn’t locked or protected from file writing



Kuro Neko and Matseb for Windowskins
Celianna for her tilesets
Palladinthug for CutIn graphics


FenixFyre for Plane Fix
Mithran for Text Cache
Yanfly for Gab Window
arevulopapo and PK8 for the Particle system


Adventurer’s Journey 3
[Copyright](C) 2014 DEGICA, LTD
Musician: D.C. Kairi Sawler
– Dreadly Indeed

Cinematic Music Pack
[Copyright](C) 2013 Joel Steudler
– Peaceful-Countryside
– Peaceful-Sanctuary
– Town-Seaside Village

Scythuz Exclusive
[Copyright](C) Scythuz
– Preview_Battle_Pack_Orchestral_5

Rebel Rapture Music Pack
[Copyright](C) Murray Atkinson
– Menu – Dream World
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Engr. Adiktuzmiko

Chemical Engineer, Game Developer, Using BlinkBoy'
May 15, 2012
Reaction score
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Progress Update

I've added a new feature to the Skills system, leveling skills now increase your parameters. This adds more effect to leveling skills and also adds a bit more consideration on the build that you want to use.

I still need to finish making all the Arts for the Snipe, Shower, Reap and Shadow skills after which I'd proceed with finishing the intro part of the game up to a few actual battles, then I'd probably release an updated demo. I don't have a time table for now because I'm quite busy with work and other stuff but I think I'll have better progress this year than last year. 

and oh Happy New Year guys!

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