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Aug 16, 2013
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Fortune CardReader Demo for RPGMaker VXACE

By Carrigon
With Coding Help from:

This is a little demo of a random tarot card reader.  It's done by events and script calls.
There is nothing to paste in the game's scripts.  Just look in the Common Events area and the Items area,
as well as, examining the event itself.

You can add as many cards as you want to for this.  I only used five.  You can do custom graphics.  You can even move
the card positions around on the screen or add animations.

Instructions for the demo:  You can read the note on the wall.  All actions are done with the action button just hit enter.
Walking is done with the arrow keys.  The fire places can be lit for fun.  There is money in the chests, as the fortune reader is not free.  So get some gold and go to the fortune reader, you can just stand in front of the table and hit enter.  Pick cards until you get the special key Card of Victory.  For that card, I made it popup on the other side of the screen from the others.  Once you have the card, you can keep picking cards if you feel like it, or check your character's inventory by clicking escape.  Use the arrow keys to move to Key Items.  And you will see the key card in there.  Scroll to it and hit enter and you can see it popup with its message.  Hit enter to make the popup go away.  Hit escape to go back in the menus.  That's really it for this demo.  But you can see how you can add anything to that.  You can have any item show up by putting it in the common event for the card.  

No known bugs, but the cards will often repeat, probably because I only did five and it's random.  The more cards added, the less repeats.  Just keep hitting enter and picking more cards till you get the one you need.  Sometimes it's easy to get the right card, other times, it takes more tries.

Please give credits if you use this, thanks.

Demo with Project Files can be downloaded here:









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