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Apr 6, 2016
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So I'm no longer really a musician, I haven't done anything serious musically in a long time, almost ten years.
And when I was a musician, I was never a rapper lol, I mostly played guitar and sang.

However, I used to love recording and producing, and back in the day I bought a condenser mic from someone (can't remember who, now!), an old Behringer, and I was testing it out with my recording software.

I grabbed a beat from somewhere online (think it was royalty free, but I didn't use it to make money and uploading it to YouTube didn't auto-detect any copyright infringement when I uploaded the track. (EDIT: It took a few minutes lol, but yeah this actually got Content ID flagged. It's not a copyright strike, I just can't make money off of it. Which I don't do with YT stuff, anyway)

Anyway....I think only my brother and wife have ever heard this, and I found it in an old email attachment, when my old comp was fried, I had my brother send me a copy. That was all a long time ago, but yeah, anyway I just found it again, and I'm too old to be embarrassed by it.

I hadn't spoken to my father in some years when I recorded this, and the lyrics were about him. But anyway, here, make fun of me XD

(Also yes, I'm very aware it's hard to hear me. I never mixed this, it was never meant to be shown to people, it was literally just a test for the mic)

I should have done things you could be proud of,
and you should have done things other than powder,
I guess I should have done things other than cower,
cause you don't want things other than power

I should have stopped you whenever you let up,
I should have put the brakes on whenever you sped up,
and every time you reached out - I shouldn't have stepped back.
I guess I was a kid, and I never could get that....

I guess it's just the time that I'm trying to get back,
the hands of a clock that I'm trying to set back.
I used to thank God whenever you weren't home,
so I could just have time to finally let go.

I guess it feels good, man, to finally say so....
I know it took years, cause I needed to lay low.
I know you did the same, so were in the same boat -
but God heard your name, every day when I prayed though

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