FPS Max Plug-in? Seems like this could already be a plug-in but it's hard to check...


Oct 14, 2015
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Hi, I've checked this page that was stickied (all 16 pages of it!) for some FPS counter of some sort, so that I could cap my FPS to 30 or 60. And I couldn't find it. I would try searching these forums but unfortunately the term "FPS" is only 3 characters long, and you need a minimum of 4 characters to search for a term. I have tried searching for Frames and "Frames per second", however I could not see any to no avail..

I just have to specify how hard I searched on these forums because I really hate noobish questions that didn't even bother to try searching, just so you guys all know I did try!! 

So if there is no plug-in for this, I would like to make a request for there to be! And if there is a plug-in, I'm sorry!!! Dx I tried my best! But please direct me to where I can find such a thing!

Also the reason why I am requesting this plug-in is because on a 144hz monitor, my game seems to playtest at 144fps, meaning battles are super quick, as well as world map animations and well.. just everything haha.. so I think the games are being played at 144fps??? Anyway Thanks in advance!! xD

Ed: Oops I seem to have found it searching through STEAM COMMUNITY forums of all places lol. 


Here is the link for all those interested. I'm not sure if this is "RPG MV certified" for the plug-ins list but it's here if needed! Def gonna try it out lol xDf
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