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Jun 23, 2012
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I was thinking of making something fun for Christmas so I thought to myself: "who is the most beloved Christmas figure of all time?" -- The answer was simple. Krampus, of course!

And then I asked myself: "what's better than Krampus?" The answer came quickly. Two Krampi!

Of course, that begs the next most logical question: "What is better than two Krampi?!" Well, you can see where this is going.

Here you can see the classic Christmas Krampus, ready to steal away naughty children:

And here is Cosmic Krampus, ready to... steal away... naughty... aliens? Perhaps?

And lastly is the mysterious Lovecraftian Eldritch Krampus:

These baddies will be at home in pretty much any genre or setting, be it medieval, mythos, or sci-fi!
The resources contained herein can be freely mixed and matched with resources from any of the PVGames resource sets (you can find more here) to exponentially expand your game world!


  • Each monster has 400 frames of animation split up into multiple sprite sheets.
  • Animations include walking, running, idling, several attacks, blocking, evading, taking damage, critical health idling, dying, and many more.
  • All animations come in 8 directional facings (N, E, S, W, NE, SE, NW, SW).
  • Each monster comes with a hi-res 2048x2048 static image which can be used as a front-view battler, promotional material, or whatever else you see fit.

You can grab this free pack HERE.


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