Freebies (Armor Icons/Battlers/Mic)

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    Sooooo.... I was creating some sprites to sell them in a package, but I've decided to share with the community as I've borrowed much! I'll update this with more freebies if you guys like them! Feel free to leave ideas on what you would like me to create!​


    • You need a legal copy of RPG Maker MV.
    • Do not redistribute them.
    • Do not attempt to sell them as they are.
    • You must credit me as TimeRift Games
    • Can be used non-commercially. (Contact me for commercial use)
    • If given permission to use commercially, let me know about your project, I'm interested.
    • You cannot share these anywhere else.
    • You can only use them in RPG Maker MV , contact me for use in other engines.
    • Feel free to edit them, and repost them only on this thread.
    • These are from my game, Phantasy Frontier, so please respect these terms.

    [Armor Icons]
    1. SciFi Armor
    2. Iceborne Armor
    3. Iceborne X Armor
    4. Avenger Sludge Armor
    5. Avenger Armor


    Maybe you'll find them useful, I dunno...
    Supēsu Poni
    -Rotten Lamb

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
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