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Jul 31, 2013
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From the Light

You are awoken in a tranquil forest shrine with only one command: Find my temple and fill it with light. You'll have to find out what that means, explore the (small) world and battle enemies and solve several puzzles on your way. You may even team up with temporary allies for a while.

From the Light is a short RPG made for the Trials of MZ event over at RPGMaker.net. It features a single character party and focuses heavily on the combat system. While you receive some skills for leveling up your character, most skills come from the choice of your weapons. A dagger may increase your chances to critically strike, but a Longsword will allow you to enter a combat stance, in which your normal attacks reduce enemy defenses. A two handed bastard sword provides you with powerful blows that may stun your enemies, but carrying a small shield instead, will allow you to parry.

  • RTP Only
  • Fleshed out combat system with tons of ways to play the game your way
  • Challenging and unique enemies and bosses
  • Puzzles and treasures that reward exploration
  • No game over screen, no matter how often you die
  • Unique presentation of the lore through the world and item descriptions
  • 3 to 5 hours playtime

The starting area
Forest Shrine.png

One of the many bosses
Demanding Boss Fights.png

One of several puzzles
Intriguing Puzzles.png

You can download the game easily from RPGMaker.net

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