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Discussion in 'JS Plugin Requests' started by Johnboy, Feb 27, 2017.

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    Hi there. As the title says, I'm looking to have a plugin made that will allow me to use the map sprites in battle instead of
    the sideview sprites. While simply creating a spritesheet to accomplish this would be far easier and less time consuming,
    I am using SRD character generator, which means that I cannot simply create the spritesheet ahead of time. Therefore I am asking if someone would be interested in creating a plugin that would be able to use the map sprite in battle, similar to Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

    Here is a Youtube link to the combat sprites I would like.

    I'm not interested so much in the blindness effect, which spins the character towards the screen, but it would be a nice bonus.

    If anyone is interested in this project, they can PM me with any questions or just drop them on here. I'm not very proficient in js but I am also going to attempt to create the plugin myself. Maybe someone could also assist me with that if they are not willing to take on the project.
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    This may be able to help. Or at least work as a starting point:

    It still is setup for sideview, not front, but it shouldn't be that hard to make the sprites face upwards... probably.

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