Fullscreen Plugin messes with Text Windows?


Mar 27, 2020
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So, I decided to use BearTiger's Fullscreen Plugin as a way to add img borders (as seen below). I didn't want the text boxes to be stretched out and have to edit every single text box in the game so I altered the code resolution from:
Graphics.width = 1280;
Graphics.height = 720;
Graphics.boxHeight = 1280;
Graphics.boxWidth = 720;
Graphics.width = 1280;
Graphics.height = 720;
Graphics.boxHeight = 620;
Graphics.boxWidth = 816;

Doing so, has changed the size of the text boxes (just like I wanted), however, when choices are on screen the game seems to steal a chunk of it that is the same size as the choices box (image below as well).
It's obvious that it's due to me changing the numbers of the text box res, but I don't fully understand why, nor how to fix it whilst keeping the aforementioned size change.

Image of aforementioned text glitch. (Note this only happens when both Choices and Textboxes are on screen at the same time. The black box is transparent.

Image of what I was going to try and do with the plugin (just incase there is a plugin that does what I wanted that I missed, as well as to keep everyone on the same page as to what it is I'm trying to do).Screen.png

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