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Feb 23, 2012
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The future is here... and by that I mean two new packs to help bring the look of the future to your games. Let's get this release day started!

Has your sci-fi or modern game been needing some cars or buses to make the cities really feel alive? Have you also been waiting for another pack in an awesome hand-drawn style? If so, Futuristic Vehicles is the pack for you! Rinober is back with a great addition to his Futuristic pack series, this time focusing on ways to get around a big city. This pack has 12 unique designs for cars, trucks, and buses that could easily slip into a modern or sci-fi world.

Give your players a nice compact car to travel far distances in comfort, or have them use public transport instead and hop onto a sturdy bus. If your game focuses more on sci-fi, then grab this pack’s shiny hovercrafts to populate your roads. The hovercrafts come with a few variations so you can have parked ones resting on the ground while the cars in motion float smoothly in the air. And don’t worry about criminals getting away in your futuristic city, because the police have upgraded to speedy hovercrafts that are ready to flash their red and blue lights!

This pack also contains A5 tiles and a full B sheet to give your vehicles a place to go! Have your sleek future buses pull up to a stylish black and teal bus stop, and park some bikes near train tracks. Add in some trash cans to keep your city’s streets clean, or show that the area is a little unsavory with scattered trash on the ground and overflowing cans.

And each tile and sprite comes in two styles, one with a black outline and one with a colored one so you can choose the perfect look for your game!

These tiles and sprites match perfectly with Rinober’s other packs, so if you’ve been wanting to bring more life to your city’s streets what are you waiting for? Pick up Futuristic Vehicles today and add some bustling streets to your games!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Get ready to plug in and jam out with the songs of the Future Electric RPG Collection! This music pack is full of electronic tunes that are ready to take your sci-fi or modern games the perfect soundtrack. With a mix of BGMs, BGSs, and MEs to choose from, your scenes will sound like they came from the future!

25 BGMs cover all sorts of moods, from beat heavy battle themes and busy city tunes to more piano-based songs that would fit somber scenes. Give your boss battles against giant robot foes a song with a strong rave vibe, or have your players bobbing their heads to the beat of upbeat synths when exploring the open world.

With 10 atmospheric BGSs to choose from, it’s simple to find a track to get your players into the right mood. Play one where water drips and a heavy rumble are the main sounds to give an abandoned building an eerie feeling, or use high-energy pulses to highlight that the player is being hunted by a pack of robots.

The pack’s 20 MEs offer more ways to bring a futuristic flair to your games. Give your battle victories an excited electronic tune and celebrate level ups with a rousing cheer. Or choose the mysterious sting for when your player stumbles upon something they weren’t expecting.

Each song comes in both m4a and ogg formats, making it easy to use in your favorite rpg maker. So if your sci-fi world’s been sounding a bit too quiet, pick up Future Electric RPG Collection and find the right tunes for it today!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

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