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    This script adds the ability to resize and alter the window to emulate a fullscreen game, without the ugly stretching given by RPG Maker's default fullscreen.

    • Clean Fullscreen Toggle
    • Per-monitor mapping; aka it gets the current monitor the game is on and resizes to that resolution
    • Keeps RPG Maker's default resolution ratio, 17:13.
    • In case of multiple monitors, it locks the cursor into the game's window until fullscreen is exited.
    • Adds a callback other scripters can use that is sent out to the current scene when the resolution changes (fullscreen or not).
    Demo? Script link?
    No demo, that isn't necessary. Or, you can grab the FyxInput demo, and place this script below it in the script editor.
    Script link: Pastebin - FyxFullscreen v1.0

    How To Use
    It is necessary that you have the (semi-)new resolution breaker dll, and highly recommended that you have a Plane class fix, and a resolution breaker fix (Esrever's or Yanfly's).
    Also, if you want to support monitors greater than 1024 pixels, then a Tilemap rewrite will be necessary. I think Fomar0153 has one, and I will be writing one soon.

    Terms Of Use
    This script is free to use either commercially or not. However, FyxInput is not. See the topic for it for details.
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    I use this script so I can offer a fullscreen and window option for my game but I want to know how to make everything fit the screen, there was a line of code I saw that can do that but it then fits on the fullscreen but not the windowed screen
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    I believe that is why FenixFireX added that callback method for scripters, so that they can code the check in and change the scene display accordingly (change the placement and size of things in the scene).

    I might be wrong though, I haven't tested this script yet, but it sound like a great thing to have in a game.

    Making a different layout for every scene for fullscreen is not a big motivation for me now, but it is good to know that there is a way to do it (if I am not mistaken about this, that is).

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