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Feb 22, 2016
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So I recently decided to switch back to Galv's Event Detectors plugin after an unsatisfactory experience w/ Yanfly's Event Chase plugin. There's a specific enemy behavior I'm trying to implement, but haven't been able to, despite getting very close. So, I have visible monsters on the map and I want them to a few things.
  1. Wander around randomly when not detecting the player.
  2. Chase the player upon detection. (chases for X tiles, and accounts for LoS)
  3. Return to the original location and continue wandering randomly after "losing" the player.
The problem is that I can't get the monsters to BOTH wander randomly and return to their original location at the same time. For example, "return,search,6,1,3,5,1" will make it so the monster will chase the player upon detection, but then return to its original location after losing sight of the player. On the other hand, "rand,search,6,1,3,5,1" will make it so the monster will chase the player upon detection, but then wander around randomly after losing sight of the player. What I want it to do is chase the player upon detection, but then return to its original location then wander around randomly starting from that location. Is this possible? I've also tried using the following in a custom move route, but it didn't seem to work. The (0) refers to return and (1) refers to rand. "14" is simply the event ID and "6" is the distance. Lastly, "true" enables LoS.
Galv.DETECT.event(14,6,true) ? this.detector(0) : this.detector(1);

In short, I want to combine the rand & return behaviors.

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