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Jun 9, 2021
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Chapter K - Fallen Petals

Hello everyone, I'm currently learning RPGM from making maps to eventing (except that I absolutely suck at events and coding). I'm planning to originally make this in Unity but since I lack experience, coding knowledge, assets, I'll make this in RPGM first as a short project. First off, I'm not a native english speaker so the following idea may have grammatical errors. This is a story idea I had ever since like 2015(?) from a rhythm mobile game called Cytus yet it's still in fragments, you can actually imagine and write a story from the songs/chapter of it. Currently I don't have a proper name for it but let's just go with "Chapter: K (Knight)" for now. Gameplay can be a normal RPG game like normal battles, quests, and such since I'll make this more story-driven like a Visual Novel. If possible I'd like to hire or recruit a writer or proofreader for this, my writing is really bad, I wanted to make stories but my only barricade is being illiterate in english.

I don't know how should I start this but here's a short rough synopsis of what I have.

The story is set in the medieval times where sword, war, and magic is involved. Iris and Roselia/Rosabelle(Still thinking the good name), two girls from different kingdoms and status met in a fields of flowers. Iris is an orphan adopted in a church who is soon destined to be a holy knight, one that vanquish the evil. While Roselia is a princess from a distant peaceful kingdom, a royal lineage capable of using magic. Despite the huge difference in status, they both treated themselves as equals and soon get along like sisters. They both tried to visit each other when chances are there. But one day, they both stopped. As many years have passed, tragedy soon befalls to the two sisters. One was blessed as a holy saint, while the other crowned as a tyrannical queen branded as a witch. How did their fate suddenly ended up such like this? This is a story between two sisters as precious as a flower, will one of them bloom, or wither away?
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