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Apr 21, 2012
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In the Rpg Maker Community, one of the many overlooked areas is battles. A majority of users tend to make basic creatures with stats randomly thrown about to give the illusion of a difficult fight, never using a theme or giving them a specified role in combat. In an effort to improve upon this fatal flaw we need to plan things out ahead of time as in the examples below.

Field/Dungeon Type: Forest

Creature Archetypes: Beast, Avian, Insects, Lizards

Area Design

Before designing the creatures you're going to encounter, you first need to have a general idea of what kind of dungeon you intend to have the player crawling through. This basic first step will give us a general idea of what type of creatures to include in the dungeon as you wouldn't have an Ice Elemental themed creature in a Volcano (unless there is a special circumstance for it).

Mob Core Design

The second thing I mapped out was the creature types. I used the term Archetype as each of the creatures have a general outline of what kind of traits and abilities they will possess. An Example below is the Archetype for beast and Insect that I threw together. Your beast don't have to be the same as mine, but they need to be designed in a sense that relates to their core design.


These creatures have a moderate to high amount of HP, moderate ATK and DEF, and low MAT and MDF scores. they're abilities often include the usage of fangs, claws, etc and have a decent evasion stat against magical and critical blows.


These creatures have pitiful health and are generally weak overall. They're not to be underestimated though has they have ludicrous evasion ratings in all areas and can inflict a number of physical ailments to the player. They generally attack in swarms

Mob Detailed Design

Now that we've reached this point you can go ahead and fine tune your mobs to fit whatever design you have in mind for them

Raging Equine:


STATS: This creature has a Moderate amount of HP, High ATK and AGI, Average DEF, and Low scores in all other areas. It's evasion rate is high enough to be a nuisance can be crippled easily by binding it's legs. In addition to lowering it's agility, binding it's legs prevents this beast from using it's stronger attacks such as Rampage and Power Kick, leaving it with access only to Bite and Shout. Severely weak to the Earth and Ice elements.

Gravity Breaker:


STATS: A rhino that has been imbued with dark magic, this creature Boast incredibly high HP, ATK, and DEF ratings but retains the mental capacity of a normal Rhino. It's MP Capacity and MAT is also fairly low, allowing the player to brush off most of its Magic Based attacks. The real threat comes from it's ability to manipulate gravity allowing it to use the Meteor Dive attack which can be fatal to unprepared adventurers. While it will try to use it's magical abilities over it's physical skills, sealing it's magic and enduring it's physical attacks may be the smarter path to take. Due to the corruption from Dark Magic combined with it's low MDF, this creature takes substantially more damage from magical attacks.

These are just basic design to give you an idea on how to design encounters in your game. Simply making all enemies follow the same general build will not only make battles boring, but will more often than not turn the player away from wanting to play your game


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Jun 6, 2012
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another way to envelope the player into the battling is to change the stats and damage calculation if you know what your doing ofcourse.

e.g. you could give your character very limited HP, say, 10, then change the calculation to Attack - Defence, simple but can be quite dangerous, if your character has, say, 1 defennce and an enemy has 4 - 5 attack, and there is 3 enemies this can become tricky. by use of skills to raise defence and warding off status ailments from sideline enemies, this system offers players a new way to think about enemies aswell.

But great tutorial none the less, it helps everyone in some way

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