Game freezing when I try to Play Test


Feb 17, 2019
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I honestly don't know where this should get posted, I looked for some sort of RPGMMV specific support thread.

I suddenly began having an issue lately that freezes my game when I go to load it or play test it. It seems impossible to troubleshoot, as it
happens randomly, from what I can tell. Sometimes the game loads up fine, and freezes later, other times it freezes immediately when the game loads. Normally I wouldn't worry if it was just freezing the screen and the controls still worked, but it's not like that. Every time it happens, it forces me to close the game through task manager. I have worked on the game I am working on, for well over a year now, and this has never been an issue before. The only change I remember making was adding a single plugin, between the time of it working and not working. However, I went through the process of disabling every single plugin individually, and noticed it is still doing it. I don't exactly know what to try after disabling all plugins. I should let it be known that I am using DKtools plugin to skip the title screen to go directly to the map I place the character player on, in case that factors in. From the time this started it has not stopped no matter what I have tried. I tried making sure every plugin was in the correct spot (just in case) and that didn't help. I tried closing out every other program on my computer, just in case it happened to be something else messing with it. Nothing has worked. I have noticed though, that "NW.js" opens about 4-5 different processes every time I click play test, and I never noticed that before. Maybe it's nothing.

I have attached two different videos. One shows the game loading and not even loading the player or the map yet, before it freezes and does not respond to pressing the X in the top corner. The second one shows it getting just a bit further before doing the exact same thing.

Any advice as to what would suddenly bring this on, would be much appreciated, as this has all but made me feel as if maybe another engine would be better, even after spending 7 years using RPG Maker and 1 year on the first game I have ever felt was worth continuing. Thanks in advance.

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