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Aug 29, 2013
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Because of my sheer inability to make awesome game with fancy animations and epic stories, I had pretty much abandoned RPG maker as a whole. However my recent reawakened interest in manga and anime (that I had lost for nearly a decade) I discovered several ''Slice of life'' series and 2 of these series, as well as a specific game, gave me an idea for totally gentle adventure that, will focus on the main characters and their interaction, rather than saving the world. The series/game that inspired me are:

-Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea
-Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
-Yuru Camp

Also, the way the map will be similar to the one in Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. By that I mean that there will be no world maps, just interconnected areas.

The game will take place in the land of Romadia. A world that was ravaged by a demon over 2000 years ago. The demon was destroyed with the effort of a group of heroes, but the damage done was too great. The world is in a state of slow decay. Knowing that fighting over what's left will only make the time left for the world (and therefore, their own future) shorter, the people of the world have decided to lead peaceful lives where they help each other and have abandoned most unsustainable ways of life, reverting to hunting instead of farming, and where most technology no longer exist. In time, all countries of the world have become unlivable wasetlands. Only one country is left: Romadia.

The reason I stated these three series/game is because despite the fact that what's left of the world is slowly being consumed, like in Atelier Shallie, the people live a peaceful life like in Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, and the story will involve the main character, initially being more of a loner, wanting to explore the outdoor of her country since she has grown old enough to travel in her own. She will meet someone who wants to discover the relics of the past (Which will lead the player to discover and explore some dungeons). They will later be joined by a man who people hire as a hunter, as well as the main character's best friend. Like Rin Shima In Yuru Camp, the main character will initially be really reluctant to be joined by others (including her own best friend), which will lead most of the first 30%-ish of the first few chapters alone. At some point, she will grow interested in visiting the ruins herself, then her friend will also become interested in joining her, and will eventually hire the hunter, making the party permanent, but that will likely now happen until after half the game.

Speaking of the game's length, to avoid being overwhelmed for the 10000000th time, this will be a short game. It's probably gonna be about 10 hours long at most, and you will likely be able to beat the final boss at around level 30. And despite my mention of a final boss, the game will have no true villains. The first half of the game will be about the exploration of the country, while the second half will involve the mystery of what's left of the world. And will likely have an open ending (Like the party may have found a way to save the world, but at the same, they may not). The game will be set in a peaceful, but declining world, and it will stay that way 'till the end. Not big empire from a country we thought long gone, or the demon destroyed 2000 years ago coming back and no ''the characters are actually the heroes' descendants'' plot twist. Just people enjoying life while they still can. If I make a ''save the world'' plot near the end, It will still be only reversing the damage done by the demon, meaning that while the character found a way to stop the decay, it will take as much time to repair the damage as it took for the world to reach the point it reached, meaning the party will never get to see the new world they have saved.

Anyways about time I stop talking, and introduce the game's synopsis and characters, right?


2000 years ago, a powerful demon was ravaging the world... a band of brave heroes managed to destroy the demon, but the damage it had done was too great. The world was doomed. The world was no longer able to create it's own energy. Scholars and researchers tried in vain to find a way to revert the damage done. The only thing they could do is to delay the inevitable. So every countries of the world agreed to live peaceful lives and resort to sustainable ways of life. In the end scholars and researcher abandoned their attempts to restore the world's energy The inevitable finally struck, and all of the countries are now inhabitable wastelands...

All except one, Romadia. People believe that the peaceful way of life the country had since before the demon ravaged the world helped the country thrive. In fact, the country has barely been affected by the calamity. In Romadia, it is not rare that young people explore the land with their friends or family to discover the beauty of the only country left in the world. At the center of the country lies Mount Leona, a sacred mountain that, since the calamity, not one has ever managed to climb to the top. Legend says that on a clear day at the top of the mountain, it is possible to see the other countries. At the base of Mount Leona lies a small village, where a young girl lives. The young has dreamed or exploring the entire country since she was born... including Mount Leona. The young girl has always been a loner... so can she realizes her dream alone, or will she have to trust in others?

CHARACTERS (For the moment, there are only 4, but I may add more)

Age: 15
Sex: Female
Class: Traveler

Leona is named after the famous mountain itself. In fact, it is because of her name that she dreams of being the first to climb the top of Mount Leona in over 2000 years. After a terrible mistake that made her realize she isn't strong enough to climb it, she decided to travel around Romadia for now, and hopefully make a second (and successful) attempt at climbing the sacred mount.

Her ''Traveler'' class will be a great help (especially since she will be travelling alone for a good portion of the game) as she will learn some combat skills with her sword to defend herself, as well as some basic first aid skill, should she ever get hurt.

Age: 16
Sex: Female
Class: Explorer

Few people decide to become explorer, since most of the people of Romadia prefer to keep their peaceful way of life. An accident lead to her meeting with Leona. They quickly become friends, but Leona's preference to travel alone and just discover the landscape of the country result in them not traveling together... at first. Because of the lack of the world's energy, no one have been able to cast magic, but thanks to her exploration, Tylee manage to find a device that allows to cast magic, which uses the caster's energy, instead of the world's. Think of Tylee as the game's ''black mage''

Age: 21
Sex: Male
Class: Hunter

Since many animals are too dangerous to hunt for most people, some, more courageous people take on the job of hunter, gathering food for their village. Saturo is a wandering hunter. He has no hometown and no family. Instead, people hire him to hunt some powerful beasts, helping the villages around Romadia. Fate occur when Leona is attacked by a beast she couldn't handle on her own. Saturo quickly came to her aid. Given their mutual love of the outdoor, Saturo suggest Leona they travel together, which Leona declines quickly. Saturo's hunter class grants him abilities that are strong againts specific enemies (Like birds or insects)

Age: 14
Sex: Male
Class: None (Initially), Healer (later)

Zeno is Leona's best friend. He reluctantly follow Leona on her first attempt to climb Mount Leona, despite Leona's protests and his own lack of skills, mainly because he worries for her. After the terrible mistake they do, he becomes afraid to leave the town, even refusing to leave to the nearby village to see his family. Later in the story, Tylee finds (and repair) a similar device to her own, this one allowing the use us of healing magic. After Leona opens up and become less of a loner, Zeno ends up asking Tylee if he can have the device for himself, so he can finally help the friend he failed to protect, as well as overcome his own fears. Obviously, you can think of Zeno as the game's ''white mage''


The game will feature RPG Maker VX's classic turn-based battle system. Appart from very few enemies (mainly bosses), none of the enemies will drop cash. They will drop loot that you will have to sell to get cash. Some NPC will ask you to get a specific piece of loot, and they will give more money for them than the average store. Because of the overall peaceful state of the worlds there won't be any sort of ''legendary weapons'' to find, though there will still be more than 1 weapon (thus a strongest for each character) Until the chapter where Leona finally decides to team up with the rest of the party, pretty much all chapter will begin in her hometown, where she decides on a new destination to explore. Until the party remains permanent (which is probably gonna be at least halfway through the game) all the areas not relevant will be locked out (Or rather, Leona will say that she's going the wrong way/too far). These ''point of no return'' will open up permanently when the party finalizes. I think it's pretty obvious with the lore, and the general ''no saving the world BS'' nature of my game that Mount Leona will be the game's final dungeon, but I still don't know what event will occur then. Also, there won't be any ''potion'' or ''Elixir''. And because of the lack of magic, the usual term ''MP'' (Magic/Mana points) will be replaced by ''SP'' (Stamina points) Every skills, including Tylee and Zeno's magic will consume SP. Also, instead os the usual potions and elixir, the charcater will heal themselves via a multitude of food items. Some of the enemies will drop basic food items like nuts that will restore very little HP, and the best food items will be sold in towns. The loot I meantioned earlier will likely be sold for a pitiful ammount of cash, meaning that because of the exploration nature of the game, you will also have to plan carefully or do some solid inventory management.

The story will focus on discovery, and Leona's character development. She isn't gonna be a cold and unfriendly character, but at first she will value the peacefulness of traveling alone. As she meets with Tyless and Saturo she will slowly open up and instead see the value in discovering with friends. Because of that, the bosses will be few and far between. There will be some full chapters without a single boss battle. I plan to have the game take place within about 8 to 10 chapters, each of which should take about 45 to 60 minutes to complete, not including the time it will take to travel to the relevant areas, especially at the first half of the game, since Leona will always start at her hometown.

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