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    Game Ideas and Prototypes Rules
    (Last Update: March 4, 2019)

    When posting in the Game Ideas and Prototypes Forum, you are expected to read, understand the following rules and meet the minimum requirement to post new thread in this forum. Before opening a new thread in this forum, please familiarize yourself with these rules:
    Remember, if you are posting a demo:
    • We will only accept non-English-language games which have been translated into English. You may post multiple versions of the game, as long as one of them is entirely in English.
    • Posting projects which contain elements of religion, politics and/or sex are allowed, but please provide a disclaimer in the header of your thread. We will not accept R18+ games, as this is a board for R13. Please be aware that a lot of children use this forum.
    What is this board for?

    The Ideas and Prototypes Forum is for getting feedback when you are just getting started and do not have a game yet or maybe have a small a demo to work out an idea on a certain mechanic.
    • For feedback on small ideas – a character, a plot point, a single game mechanic.
    • For Prototypes - Do you have a playable idea and want some feedback, but it's not exactly a game yet? Post here!
    • For any games already in development, post in Games In Development.
    • For any games that are finished, post in Completed Games.
    Template to Open a New Prototype Thread

    I suggest to open your prototype thread with the following information:
    • Game Mechanics: To get specific feedback on a mechanic/mechanics you are considering using. Please note, this is not a place for how to get specific mechanics working (“How do I?” questions). For those, please post in the appropriate support forum for the engine you are using.
    • Download Link: If including a demo, your game needs to be easily downloadable, with proper credits. Do not use adfly or similar websites to your download links. Dropbox and MediaFire are good options.
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