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Mar 1, 2012
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Game_Interpreter Fix

Replace the entire Game_Interpreter code with the following code to fix the variables problem in RPG Maker VX:

Permanently Fixing Game_Interpreter

You do not make a change to the software directly. You must make this change in a game you create first.

Step-by-step Guide

  • Go grab the Game_Interpreter script in text file
  • Create a new game. Go into the script editor (on the toolbar, it looks like a pencil and paper). On the left-hand side you will see Game_Interpreter in the list of scripts. Click it to bring it up.
  • In another window, open the file you downloaded. Choose Edit > Select all and Edit > Copy to select the whole 1660 lines in notepad. Then select the 1660 lines of text the script editor (CTRL+A works well). Then paste. Save your game.
  • Open the folder with the project (one you just created and added a script into), and find this: Scripts.rvdata in the Data folder
  • Copy Scripts.rvdata
  • Go to the RPGVX\Systems\Data
  • Paste Scripts.rvdata in here. It'll ask you if it should be overwritten. Say yes.
You have now made permanent changes to your Scripts.rvdata file, meaning you will not need to add the fixed Game_Interpreter script to any new projects you create.

Credit goes to sherzo, Aindra, GrandmaDeb, and BigEd781
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