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Welcome! Here we will list what games made in the Arum universe are complete, who made them, and in what countries of Arum they happen.

It will also serve as a quick link and sorted out list to check out what games are related to a specific country for easy of gathering info as well as seeing what games are complete.

For example: you want to set your game in the eastern continent and want to check out what places are near your target, instead of trying to browse through all the games blindly.

Completed games
The end of the Witch of Lorven - Indrah
In Search of Clues - Indrah, Fomar0153

In Search of Immortality - Indrah, Fomar0153
Dead Moon Night - Indrah, Fomar0153

Sunken Spire - Indrah, Fomar0153, Maki, Racheal
The Grumpy Knight - Indrah, Fomar0153
The Alchemist's Son – mlogan
The Secret Life of Jhannad – Velex

Trials and Tribulations - Silvestre
Projects in development
A Girl and her Familiar [in progress, demo avaliable] - Choco-Elliot Wyvern

Imbalance of Power [in progress, demo avaliable] - Jackkel Dragon

In Search of Dragons [in progress, demo avaliable] – Indrah

In Search of Freedom [in progress, demo avaliable] - Indrah, Fomar0153

Karin: Chronicles of the Damned [hiatus] - NPC
Lorelai, Queen [hiatus, demo avaliable] – Indrah
Riftwalker [in progress] – Emmych
Unexpected Incidents [in progress, demo avaliable] – JMsoup
Valera [in progress, demo avaliable] – Deckiller

Stella sidus [hiatus] - EvilEagles

The Arena Project [in progress, demo avaliable] - Yonma

Games sorted by location

[Plase note that only completed games will be placed here.]

Games will be sorted by their main location (where the game mostly takes place in). It will also list any other countries the maker deems important to their game (by political ties, mentions, etc).

Large Central Continent

The end of the Witch of Lorven

Main location: Lorven

In Search of Clues

Main location: Belleireu (City of Librea)

In Search of Immortality

Main Location: Ulstern

Dead Moon Night

Main location: Ulstern

The Secret Life of Jhannad

Main location: Jhannad (In the Masyr Desert)

Trials and Tribulations

Main Location: Westercrest

Sunken Spire - Indrah, Fomar0153, Maki, Racheal

Main Location: Rumen

Western Continent

The Alchemist's Son

Main location: Padonia


The Grumpy Knight
Main location: Helena's Kingdom
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