Gamepad on your smartphone [RpgMakerMV]

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    Hi Guys!

    Basically it allow you to play your game using your phone like a gamepad, thanks to a free app :
    the indiepad.

    You can upload a MV game on and, when you start to play, use the app to scan the QR code.
    It will turn the smartphones of the players in gamepads for your game(s)!


    To integrate it inside your MV Game, you don't need any code or plugin.
    Easy and fast.

    Upload the zip with the game-foulder and complete the form on the website (upload page).

    There are already a lot of games made with MV that use it. This is one of my favourite:

    Here other games made using the indiepad.

    Hope you'll enjoy [​IMG]

    p.s. it's only the first step. We have big plan about it.
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