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Jan 17, 2013
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So, many of us get lag when we do test plays or even if we run the games in Chrome or Firefox or even (heaven forbid) Internet Explorer.  Well, I was having these issues as well.  The editor is pretty solid for me, but the one thing that was dragging down my experience was the gameplay for testing.  Well, I bit the bullet and went ahead and got myself to get Chromium again after not using it for a couple years because I'm a loyal user of Firefox.  In Firefox, it lags quite a bit and doing text plays in Firefox or right out of the editor was cumbersome, at best.  The latest build of Chromium improved my performance by leaps and bounds!

By today's standards, my specs are low/low-mid tier, but I never had any issues with test plays in Ace, yet with MV, it was a problem.  I worked through it, but it did get under my skin enough to try the latest build of Chromium.  Now, the only problem with it is that because it's a build from the trunk of the source code, it can be extremely buggy, but so far, I haven't noticed anything but improvement in speed of gameplay.  I tested it with both the Preload Manager and without and the performance was the same.  I still have some lag when animations load and a bit of lag when a fight starts, but other than that, performance was far better.  The lag I felt from loading the game, (sometimes) walking around, accessing the menu and especially from battles was almost completely gone.

If you'd like to try this solution, you can grab the latest version of Chromium here.  I do not recommend it as it is buggy software and I really don't recommend it for everyday browsing, but if you need something that could very possibly improve your gameplay/test play performance, try it out.  It may or may not work for you, but it's worth a try!  If this works for you, post here to let others know.

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