Games stuck at 30fps?

Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV' started by noctiluca, Jan 9, 2017.

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    Ever since updating to version 1.3.4, I've noticed that my games no longer run at 60fps (except for menu scenes).

    Even when starting a blank project and running test play, it runs at roughly 30fps once I get past the title screen... is that intentional? Since the framerate stays pretty consistent it feels intentional, but I don't know if that would mess with the timing of my events or prevent me from implementing complex game systems. Before updating, empty projects ran at 60fps and the project I had been working on until then ran at ~55fps (though I was trying to optimize it as best I could). I haven't patched that project to 1.3.4 yet and it is still running at 55fps.

    The games have always been running in WebGL mode which is apparently supposed to be faster.

    I'm mostly worried my computer is no longer powerful enough to work on my games if it is running at half the standard framerate with even zero events on screen.

    I use Windows 7 64bit, processor Intel i3 CPU M330 @ 2.13Ghz, if that helps any.
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    It should not interfere with the internal count - If I remember correctly it was done because with mobiles (where the display is the biggest power consumption), running the display at 60 fps empties the batteries much faster than going at 30 fps (which is more than enough for games usually done in the makers).

    And if it is indeed a measure to reduce power consumption on display, it would make no sense to force the same reduction on the game loop - that was the case on 1.0 (which caused games to run much faster on machines with 100 fps displays), which is why that lock between display rate and game loop was changed in one of the updates since then.

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