Oct 31, 2015
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GDT: Core v1.0

This plugin provides some useful Tag Parsing Features and a useful command for selfswitches. This plugin will be extended with Utility Features.

Notetags Parser (built in. Nothing to do)

The standard parser allows only one tag of the same kind in one notetag. The GDT Parser returns an Array of all tags when you add more than one tag per notetag.

If you only add one tag of the same kind it has the same behaviour as the old parser.

Notetag Executer (GDT.Util.useTag Function)

While it's nice to have the possibility to add more than one tag of the same kind, you usually need to check if your tag is a string or an array. With this function you don't need to care.

You just put the meta tag and the function to execute in.

GDT.Util.useTag(names,function(name) {

Lunatic Tags Parser (GDT.Util.LunaticTags)

Many of you know the Lunatic Tags from Yanfly which allow more flexibility with plugins, cause you are allowed to write Javascript inside the notetags.

This Method allows you to read tags from notetags which have a start and an end tag (like in xml/html)

Example Usage in Notetag:

if(level > 6) {
return "Awesome ";
} else {
return "";

After this, you just need to convert this function string into a real function. I provided an example with nickname changing via level (LevelNicknames.js)

Change Selfswitch of Map-Event (GDT.Util.setSelfSwitch)

You can change the selfSwitch of an Map Event in an easy way. You just need the event id (upper left corner when you open the event), the Selfswitch name (A,B,C or D) and the status (true -> ON, false -> OFF)

Just copy the plugin into your plugin folder and add it to your plugin list.

Try to put it in as one of your first plugins.


Credit and Thanks
- Gamedev-Tutorials
You can use and edit this plugin as you want. This plugin is open for non commercial and commercial use. Just give me a little credit =) 

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