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Oct 31, 2015
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GDT Item Durability (v0.9)
by Gilles (Gamedev Tutorials)
Let Items expire after some Steps, Fights or Time based. You can make these Item disappear from your Inventory or even change it to another Item (for example Egg to Hatching Egg)

  • RPG Maker MV 1.5
  • No other dependency
How to Install:
  1. Download the Plugin (
  2. Copy the plugin into the "js/plugins" folder of your Project
  3. Include the the Plugin in your Plugin Manager
  4. Configure your Items with Notetags inside the Item which should disappear/change into another item
Notetags for Item Section:
<durability-steps:NUMBER_OF_STEPS> - The item will disappear when you go the number of steps
<durability-fight:NUMBER_OF_FIGHTS> - The item will disappear when fight the number of fights
<durability-time:TIME_IN_SECONDS> - The item will disappear when the time has passed and you move at least one step
<durability-changeto:ID_OF_ITEM> - Needs to be combined with one of the upper Notetags! Instead of disappearing, the items changes into the Item with the given ID.

Notetag Configuration Examples:
Make Item disappear after 15 steps
Change Item (Apple) into Item with Id 11 (Bad Apple) after 2 fights
Make Item disappear after 60 Seconds (but at least 1 step)
IMPORTANT!: steps, time and fight are not combineable in 1 Item.
If you use items or throw them away, it will always use the once which are near to expire.

Terms of use:
The plugin is licensed under the MIT license.
Would be nice to mention me in the Credits ;)

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