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    This time i made some stuff for the generator.

    I really wanted some Dog faces, dragon as well, then this is my work .


    preview.png preview 2.png preview3.png preview4.png preview5.png

     - There are some issues with front hair and for the moment i don't know how to solve them ...  3 out of all are ok but for the rest the it's a bit weird . 

     - For the open mouth i don't know why but the color change with the skin, if anyone have an idea to solve this i'll gladly take it ! 

    Edit : I got the same problem of color changing with nozes ... T-T 

    Here the parts : 

    FG_Face_p17_c1_m001.png FG_Face_p19_c1_m001.png FG_Face_p18_c1_m001.png FG_Face_p20_c1_m001.png FG_Face_p21_c1_m001.png FG_Face_p22_c1_m001.png FG_Face_p23_c1_m001.png FG_Mouth_p46_c1_m001.png FG_Mouth_p47_c1_m001.png FG_Mouth_p48_c1_m001.png FG_Mouth_p48_c2_m001.png FG_Mouth_p49_c1_m001.png FG_Nose_p29_c1_m001.png FG_Nose_p30_c1_m001.png FG_Nose_p31_c1_m001.png FG_Nose_p32_c1_m001.png icon_Face_p17.png icon_Face_p19.png icon_Face_p18.png icon_Face_p20.png icon_Face_p21.png icon_Face_p22.png icon_Face_p23.png icon_Mouth_p46.png icon_Mouth_p47.png icon_Mouth_p48.png icon_Mouth_p49.png icon_Nose_p29.png icon_Nose_p30.png icon_Nose_p31.png icon_Nose_p32.png


    icon_Mouth_p50.png icon_Nose_p33.png icon_Face_p24.png FG_Face_p24_c1_m001.png FG_Body_p03_c1_m001.png FG_Nose_p33_c1_m001.png FG_Mouth_p50_c1_m001.png

    I hope somebody will find this usefull 

    Full pack :  View attachment Furry  (Tiger not included) 

    Term of use : 

    For everyone (cormecial or not) 

    I don't need credit (i modified the Kodakawa material for this stuff)  

    You can modify all you want 

    Please if you want to share then link to this page

    Enjoy ^^ 

    I'll add all the new stuff that i make in this topic. 

    Thank you for your time ^^ 
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