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Apr 28, 2015
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Hey everyone.

So here's the problem im getting. Iv been adding new parts to the generator. I thought I had the numbering pretty much figured out but after trying to add more accessory's (EJ's Emotion Generator Parts to be exact) they appear out of order and have the wrong graphic icon associated to them just like if a numbering is incorrect but as far as i can see everything is in the right order in both the face and variation folder.

Here's a link to an album containing screenshots of the problem.

If anyone could help with this id be eternally grateful. all my files are labeled correctly as far as im aware as they all worked perfectly before I tried to add stuff after the eye patch assigned to FG_AccA_p10_c1_m013.

EDIT: Noticed I had The eye patch and bandage in the wrong positions in the variation folder. So as a test I deleted the emotes and Swapped the bandage and eye ptch to match their face,SV,TV & TVD folder numbers (9 for the bandage & 10 for the eye patch) and now the icons are mismatched and incorrect. This has left me scratching my head why did they work fine when labeled wrong but now correctly numbered they're mismatched.
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