Jul 6, 2019
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https://xxsyoxtosxx.itch.io/generic Let me know what you guys think!!! Im excited for this as I managed to export it for everyone to try on a web browser. The demo ends during the events of the Beast Tamer Village so unfortunately you will not get access to Sahla. If you manage to level 10 you will get to see most of the abilities that your team can get though. There are a lot of things I am still working on from story elements to animations, puzzles, the world map, the list goes on so for now enjoy this while you can :)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the characters in the games that you play were a little bit more than just lines of code, only doing what they are told? How about when you buy a game, and leave it on a shelf for years, and never play it? What would those characters be doing in that time? I bring to you, Generic!

"'Generic' is a game that was in development but was canceled for it being to generic of an rpg (story line). In the time that its been sitting the characters have been waiting for someone to play and have gotten bored and started doing their own thing but worse the game files themselves have become corrupted. You play as Hero, the hero of generic who is summoned in times of trouble. Join him to play the story line of Generic while also trying to figure out why the game has become so corrupted."

Additional info:

Generic is my first actual attempt at making my own game through RPG Maker MV. With that said I am still learning and exploring more options on how to approach everything that I am working on as I go and am open to suggestions. I am also trying to capture that RMMV Feel by using what the game gives you rather than using plug-ins. I have a camera plug-in for cut scenes but that is it. I am not opposed to using them I just want the game to feel as cookie cutter as possible mechanically speaking. But when it comes to story elements, battles, characters, etc. that is all me.

Currently there are 4 playable characters that I have mostly finished aside from future skills. In the demo you only get access to 3 of them but I will get more into that in the game play section of this thread. All of the sprites will most likely be changing once I feel like I have enough of the game finished and feel comfortable enough with my art skills to be able to make new ones for all of them so please keep that in mind when you see the built in actors.

My idea of how this game plays out is interesting and I hope that you guys will get a glimpse of what I am wanting to portray. In short the characters in the game have just been waiting for someone, ANYONE, to play the game. The heroes of this game are never in it unless someone is playing so for them it is their first time ever seeing the game. Everyone else in the world has been there kind of in limbo doing whatever they can close to home to pass the time.

Each playable character is given a role that their character takes to heart. The way they talk during cut scenes, the way they handle themselves in battle, how they deal with the npcs in the game and during interactions with the player themselves. The heroes are very much aware that they are part of a game because if the game hadn't started then they wouldn't be there at all. This makes this a very 4th wall breaking story line. The characters will constantly poke fun at themselves, the story line, the npcs, and even the player for choosing to play the game. I wanted them to feel like they are their own people and that even though you are in control of them, you are not them.

Hero(placeholder name):
Protector. He believes with all his being that he is the one to save the world from whatever is happening. That the worlds fate rest in his hands. He is cocky to a point, super serious about the story line and always ready to stand between evil and the innocent. In battle his role is that of a protector whether he has a sword and shield or an axe, his abilities make his allies feel more secure. He is able to heal his wounded allies, taunt the enemies to force them to target him(aoe spells still hit everyone), and most importantly he is the main source of physical damage on the team.

Even though he is a bit of a sponge in terms of physical damage his magical abilities are where he lacks. He does have his own way to fight and deal tons of damage but it takes a back seat to his need to protect the team. More reliant on single targets and high damage but if you go all out with him you might leave your team in a bad spot. His weapon choice is important to how he handles battles. Swords give him more accuracy and a reliable strike while axes are capable of much more damage. The downside is that axes aren't always the most accurate and have a wider range of possible damage.

Mage. Trix is the mage that every mage in any rpg strives to be. She is wise, powerful, but also vulnerable and caring. Her love for the elements makes her very connected to the world of Generic and all the people in it. Using the elements of the world (Fire, Thunder, Water, and Ice) she is one of the stronger allies on the team. She is able to deal massive damage and her abilities come in the form of different elements. By channeling her powers for a bit she can release even more power with the next spell that follows.

As Trix progresses and learns more abilities you gain more ways to deal with the enemies in Generic. Each enemy has strengths and weakness (More in the game play section) but she is able to target them and use them to her advantage. Her caring nature and insane strength in magic comes with its down side however. Physical she is the weakest character and has the 2nd lowest amount of health out of anyone else. She needs to be protected to make the most of her. She has access to powerful staffs and gloves that change how her spells work depending on what she has equipped. Staffs would greatly increase the strengths of spells and make her physically weak while gloves could lower the cost of spells and give her more physical offensive options.

Poultry. That's right, there is a chicken on the team but this isn't your everyday, store bought, poultry. As you know from the story section, the game is corrupted. Some things aren't as they should be and the third hero that was to be summoned has somehow been replaced with a chicken. This has made it to where the chicken is now the bard character of the team. You will have to play the game to learn more on this but for now lets talk about him.

Chicken is a unique asset to the team. He is able to provide buffs to his allies that come in the form of physical and magical defenses, damage reduction, speed increases, etc. He also is a backup source of both physical and magical damage. He is not as strong as either Hero or Trix, having the lowest amount of health on the team. Him taking over the role of bard however bolsters his defenses putting him in between the other heroes in that regard. Chicken is a hero who is trying to find his place among the others. He doesn't feel as though he belongs but wants so much to believe that he can make a difference if he tries hard enough. Unfortunately for him, almost no one can understand what he is saying because he is again ... a chicken. Currently he only has access to claws but depending on the specific claws, he could be played more as a physical character or a magical one.

Beast Tamer. Sahla comes from the Beast Tamers Village and was in training with one of the former Head Masters. With Sahla (The foul mouth/ flirty/ Beast Tamer/ Stripper) in the party you now have the ability to understand what chicken is actually saying during cut scenes. Sahla is an optional character however so if you do not want to have her with you, and you choose not to start the series of events that leads to getting her, you can still play out the remainder of the game just fine. You may miss out on additional story elements for some of the characters and cut scenes will be different depending on if she is with you or not but that decision is up to you.

Her skill set is different from the other characters as well. As a member of the Beast Village, she is able learn from enemies. By fighting with them Sahla can learn to use their abilities against them (more in the game play section). Her flirtatious nature sometimes can get her into trouble but when it does she has her skills and her mouth to fall back on. She isn't without her own drive though. In her mind, doing what's right is more important than anything and when given the opportunity to aid the heroes comes, she will go willingly. She wants to change the Beast Village ways and aims to correct what they think is acceptable by showing them a different way. By joining with the heroes, she hopes to be able to do just that. Sahla has access to both a whip and spears. Spears are ideal for hunting beasts as it can be used both offensive and defensive give her a slight boost to both. Whips are more about being able to control her inner beasts to provide more damage for both attacks and beast skills.

Story mechanics
Generic is very story driven rpg. Some of the elements may even feel familiar to something you have seen in the past in other rpgs but with their own twists on it. You will notice many similarities to games such as Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Chrono Trigger, etc. but know that these are all intentional. I want to give some of the most overused and cookie cutter ideas that are seen constantly in rpgs and poke fun at them. You may find yourself having to rescue a princess from an evil overlord, searching for an advanced civilization for aid, one on one battles with all types of beasts, etc. You may also notice references to popular animes or mangas in the form of items, skills, and story elements as well. For example, Trixs gloves are a reference to Full Metal Alchemists Mustang. Be on the lookout for them as you play.

Many areas of this game will have puzzles that you will have to solve to continue. Some of this would probably have clues scattered around them to give you an idea of what you need to do while others will be more difficult and you may be on your own entirely. There will be a few throughout the main story but the harder ones will most likely be around side quests. Some of the puzzles could be something simple like move around a stone to a certain area while others are more involved requiring you to press switches in a particular order or using key items to figure out how to open passages.

Player interaction:
At certain points of the game the heroes of the game will have a chance to directly interact with the player. Even though you are constantly in control of them, they are their own people and they will talk to you from time to time. These options could end up leading you down a completely different path and could change the story line forever. Some of these options could even change the ending of the game but this is still being worked on. There are no wrong choices as in if you pick one path over the other you will not instantly die and lose the game but you may miss out on items or additional story elements that you might have wanted to know. This could include additional background information of a character or letting an entire city burn to the ground and losing out on experiencing it as it should've been. Those choices are left up to the player so think carefully before you act.

As any good old fashioned rpg, battles in Generic are turn based. You will input your actions ahead of time and they will play out based on the characters and enemies agility stats. Those with higher agility will act first. There are exceptions to this rule as some abilities will activate before anything else such as guarding to ensure you get a full turn of it. Other abilities when use could be so powerful that they cause your character or enemies to lose some agility making them act slower than they normally would.

Enemies in generic are very powerful. Every section of the game is made to challenge you on your first time through it but to make things a bit harder, resources such as mp gold and items are low. You may have enough gold to buy items or equipment based on how well you learn the fighting and can quickly handle groups of enemies to build up a stock pile but at the beginning you are limited so you have make your choices count. As you level and gain access to new abilities, you will get better tools to deal with the enemies but each enemy is unique.

Generic gives each enemy their own identity as well. They each have their own strengths and weakness but it is up to you to figure it out. A strategy you have for one may not work very well on another so you have to mix things up when you fight. This adds a level of strategy to battles that is engaging but also requires you to adapt from one battle to another. For an example of how this works I will quickly mention a slime. It can heal allies and is resistant to physical attacks. You will want to target them down first to stop them from healing but you will want to do so using magical abilities. On top of just physical and magical there is also elements. Some skills you will gain access to will have an element with them and using the wrong element on an enemy that can absorb and cancel it out is a wasted turn that could be deadly.

There are tutorials in the game that do a better job of explaining these mechanics but they are just a simple guide. As you play the game yourself you will have to figure these out and find the best way to handle each enemy. Everything from a slime or a bee all the way up to bosses have their own unique abilities and mechanics. Some could be Kamikaze, some could summon more enemies, others can cause effects to the team while some are just insanely powerful. Be sure to use everything that your characters gain access to if you want to find the optimal strategies for each enemy.

Beast Skills:
Beast skills are Sahlas signature abilities. As you fight the monsters of Generic with Sahla on your team you will be attacked by all kinds of things. When Sahla sees an ability that she can learn for the first time, the game will let you know. After she has seen an ability enough times, it will be added to her list of usable skills. With that said, Sahla has to be in the party and has to be alive after the skill is used in order for it to count towards progress for learning the skill.

Many of the abilities that enemies have will come with status effects and by having Sahla watch and learn how they do it, she will be able to use those effects in future battles. Once she has learned a skill, she will have access to it forever but the amount of times that she has to bare witness to them changes depending on the skill itself. Some will be much harder to learn than others so you will have to find enemies that use those abilities and fight them until she learns them herself. Some bosses might even have some that she can learn so if she is knocked out during the fight or you end the fight before she can learn the move, then you might miss out on it forever. There is a tutorial after you get Sahla in your party demonstrating how this works in game.
Basic controls for any RPG Maker MV Title. These will probably be expanded on as I continue but we will see.
Controls: Mouse left click confirm, right click cancel/menu
touchscreen/mobile: tap to move and confirm choices, tap with two fingers to cancel/open menu
Keyboard: Arrow keys to move up down left or right, z to confirm, x to cancel/open menu

This section contains videos of the game. I will update them as I can.
<--- Outdated showcase of both enemy and character skill animations.
<--- Outdated Sahla tutorial battle.
<--- Demo play through for those who want to see the story without playing it.


After a certain point in the game you will get access to an inflatable boat. You keep it with you at all times and makes it to where you can travel around in shallow water. I still have not used a plug-in for this but i think the affect works really well. I will add some sound effects to it so that it really does feel like its an inflatable boat. These are custom sprites I made for it and I think it turned out really well.

You can also see a bit of the next area in this gif which includes the Trade city of Pontio, a farmers village, and way to the north is the continent with the advanced tech city, Mika city. More on that in a future update for now enjoy the boat.

This section is for screenshots of the game.

These are the most recent ones of recruiting Sahla.






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Sounds interesting, I'll keep an eye out for this!


Jul 6, 2019
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Update #1 added to initial post. Inflatable Boat has been added and preview of new areas.

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