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Discussion in '2014 Indie Game Maker Contest' started by TheWhiteRose000, Jun 27, 2014.

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    I want feedback regarding my entry.
    If all of you are willing to give it that is.

    In a land far away which you probably haven't heard of because it's too mainstream.
    Lives the heroes Rose and Gelly whom you also probably haven't heard of. You play
    thru their adventure's and every decision you make can be life or death. An it's up to you
    to get the ending you want.

    • Features Six Unique Endings
    • A really bad Narrator
    • Comically misleading dialog
    • Really bad grammar
    • A crap load of Easter eggs.
    • One unique monster who only shows up once in the entire game!
    • Unique songs from band Error404
    • Music from the musicians at Gamers-Haven
    • Art by Animegirl_90 on DeviantArt
    • A way to make you wonder what happened to the first four games.
    An many more things I am too lazy to bullet in, be sure to look for this game in the $1 bin at your local Big Lots or Pawn shop or just download it here not like we'll actually make any money off this.

     *Updated with more stable link as previous one kept going down due to frequency of downloads.*

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  2. Indrah

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    Here's my very quick and sketchy take on the game (link for info on why it's so short and all that jazz)

    +Title screen has neat art
    +The dude is named Rose.
    +Some of the “jokes” are amusing. Some.
    +The voiced intro is neat.
    -The “jokes” largely miss the mark and seem forced and lifeless.
    -The game feels aimless and with no real point.
    -The game has to be engaging, even when making fun of the genre. It is not.
    -There is a certain lack of clear direction (Where am I going? Why? Why should I care?)
    -Faces are different in the game than in the title screen.
    -The mapping is not bad, but spacing and layouts are too huge (the castle is stupidly huge and empty).
    -Music has some rough patches that make you go “what”.
    To the developer: Satire games don’t work if the game itself isn’t fun. Poking fun at stereotypes is fine, but if the game has nothing to it even when using those clichés it just is not FUN to play. Saying “ha ha clichés” does not make for a joke. If the joke is that “ha ha look at what a plain game this is”….that is not FUN.

    The game is not terrible, but it’s not good either. I didn’t find much to keep me playing.
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    Lmfao Indrah your video is brilliant. I laughed so much.
  4. TheWhiteRose000

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    Generally impressed someone commented after about a week + of waiting.
    Also impressed you didn't read the "let's go visit town" at the start of the game in the conversation, pretty much everything about
    the game was meant to be one just very long drawn out joke but apparently it missed the mark with you.
    Ah well, as long as some people laugh all the more fun sorry the humor didn't get thru to you.

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