Feb 24, 2014
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Some of the people in the word of the Generic Heroes are starting to become aware and have more thoughts about their existence. They have been digging around and finding bits of information that does not quite make sense to them, some of this information contains the names of people and places they are familiar with, some have also found that they were created, and put in the world for the sole purpose going through their daily life until "The End" or, a "Game Over"… but what could that mean?
Believing that they are generic creations in a generic world all under the control of The Creator, Eric, John and others set off on their own adventure to uncover the truth, they attempt to defy their fate and change their destiny.
The only problem is, changing their destiny will be the least of their worries.
This Game will be released in 12 episodes. Each of the 12 episodes will be a short addition to the story, uncovering more of the truth each time. Episode 1 will be Free for all to play. The first episode is also being made to show people what can be created with the RPG Maker engine, without the need for coding or creating custom images. I think many people can be put off game development in these cases.
Generic Heroes will include all the basic of an RPG, exploration, turn-based battles, mini / side quests, levelling up, and full inventory and equipment access. I have also attempted to add a side quest achievements section.
A bit of background...
Generic Heroes is an RPG made with RPG Maker VX Ace. The initial idea was to create a 10-minute RPG, containing basic samples of what could be done with RPG Maker with out the need of any external resources.
I know there is some people who after looking at the sample projects that are supplied with RPG Maker XP/VX/VX Ace think that the idea of creating an RPG could be overly difficult, and further to this, when they come across scripting they give up all together.
Even myself, after looking at the sample projects, I was just left thinking that the samples provided should have been made with the core resources provided with the software.
Pictures and Video
Please look at the link below for more images and a video.



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Apr 21, 2014
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I love the how you can see the house through the roof! This is such a great idea! (●♡∀♡) The concept overall is interesting! 

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