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    I'm posting here some royalty free addons for People 5, 6, 7 and People 8's faces, which the RTP does not provide, and when I say royalty free, that means you can use them for commercial games and the only people you have to credit is Enterbrain (unless otherwise noted). You don't even have to credit me if you don't want to, and if you want to edit the crap out of these and redistribute the edits wherever, be my guest.

    (Only thing you can't do is sell them, they are RTP edits, but commercial game use is still A-OK)

    There are one or two of these already on the internet, but they have a different art style and you usually have to ask if you can use them for commercial use, and I wanted a hassle free alternative that you can just use and go.

    Hence my takes on these faces.

    I used Game Creator Hub and the Perspective Face Addon for the RTP look, then I took all the faces I made and edited them in GIMP to match RTP style as much as I could with a thimbleful of art talent. The results are, if not 1:1 matches for the character sheets, then close enough to the point they should pass casual inspection.

    Update: I replaced People 6-3 and 6-7 with the ones made by Chocolate Mint Tree, which is acceptable if edited from the originals (I chopped these out of the original faceset and adapted them to mine) and if you credit them properly somewhere with the URL of their site (, otherwise their terms are as lax as mine.

    Update 2: It's a pain trying to find VX Ace compatible recolors for People5, so I have added one that is %100 acceptable for VX Ace (no VX needed like some others), no credits needed for that one aside from Enterbrain, as it's recolors of People 1.

    Update 3: People8 done. The bottom half is art cribbed from work done by @PandaMaru . You must credit them, if you use People8. The top half is done by me.

    There are some VX faces for most of the stuff I did, but people need VX Ace compatible (no need for VX if you don't own it) faces, so mine are the best I could do with what I had.




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