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    Ghost's Story

    Ghost's Story was originally made for IGMC 2017 and was my first attempt at using VX Ace. Unfortunately, there tons of beginner mistakes and scenes I couldn't add at the time for lack of time and skill. I'm hoping I can break out of a bit of a creative slump by reworking it into something worth playing. I plan to remake it from the ground up, but the current version kind of works as a demo, so I hope this is the right place to post it. This current 1st draft demo version contains most of the high points in the story, but is missing a bunch of scenes, has pretty cringey writing and poor mapping, art styles that vary wildly, and bad puzzle design. Despite knowing it's a big jumble of problems, I'd love to hear feedback to see if there's anything worth carrying over to the new version.

    The gameplay itself is pretty much a walking sim. There's a few puzzles, but in this version they're all just simple "find the X and then talk to person/spot Y" kind.


    • Jeff: The ghost of a recently murdered man. He initially can't remember much because his last moments alive involved some pretty serious head trauma.
    • Marci: Jeff's fiance. She's still alive and being held captive by the murderer.

    The main character comes to on the side of the road without any memory of who he is or how he got there. He tries to ask for help, but no one can see or hear him, and he can't touch anyone. He stumbles on to the restaurant where he used to work, and through things there figures out who is is and where he lived. From there he goes to his apartment and fiance's house, where he remembers proposing to her and then both of them being abducted. After that he goes to the abandoned barn they were taken to. His fiance is still alive because he stole the key to her cell before the killer disposed of his body. He finds the key, sets the fiance free, and has a final showdown with the killer.

    The game takes place in a small city that is being plagued by a serial killer.

    Other than some bugfixes and other basic changes, this version is the same as the IGMC 2017 version.
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