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    Hey, I have created some variation pieces for the 'RPG Maker Freebies' generator files located in:

    \Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\RPG Maker MV\dlc\RPG Maker Freebies\RPG Maker MV Free Resources\Graphics\Generator Parts


    \Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\RPG Maker MV\dlc\RPG Maker Freebies\Thernz - RMXP Grappler 1

    You may have to edit their names to get them to work with your generator or use Schlangan's RPG Maker MV Extended Generator  (recommended)

    icon_AccA_p09.png icon_AccA_p10.png icon_AccA_p11.png icon_AccB_p07.png icon_AccB_p12.png icon_AccB_p11.png icon_AccB_p10.png icon_AccB_p09.png icon_AccB_p13.png icon_AccB_p14.png icon_AccB_p15.png icon_Clothing1_p50.png icon_Clothing1_p54.png icon_Clothing1_p53.png icon_Clothing1_p52.png icon_Clothing1_p51.png icon_Clothing2_p27.png icon_Clothing2_p28.png icon_Clothing2_p32.png icon_Clothing2_p31.png icon_Clothing2_p33.png icon_Clothing2_p35.png icon_Clothing2_p55.png icon_Clothing_pG1.png

    These were made using the files in the above locations and the silhouette at:

    so look to those for terms and conditions.

    Hint: free for commercial and noncommercial purposes but make sure to credit the right people.

    I also made a face piece for the halo (see location above). There are 4 variations:


    FG_AccB_p10.png icon_AccB_p10PIXEL.png


    FG_AccB_p10-v2.png.png icon_AccB_p10CLEAN.png


    FG_AccB_p10-v3.png icon_AccB_p10DIRTY.png

    Dirty with Glow:

    FG_AccB_p10-v4.png icon_AccB_p10DIRTY+GLOW.png

    My personal favorite is dirty with glow. The first one is just an up-scalled version of the one in the RPG Maker Freebies so look there for terms and conditions.

    The other three are my own creation. These are free for commercial and noncommercial use. You can credit me if you want but it is not required.

    These have no color file, so you can only change their color if you use the  RPG Maker MV Extended Generator

    This is my first time ever working with graphics. Critique and evaluation are greatly appreciated. Thanks :)  
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    Update, added some new icons for the various types of halos. 

    icon_AccB_p10CLEAN.png icon_AccB_p10DIRTY.png icon_AccB_p10PIXEL.png icon_AccB_p10DIRTY+GLOW.png

    Also a suggestion: if you are using the halos with the extended generator make them their own category the goes above everything else. This makes it so you can use the halos with all the accessory's!  :D

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