Giving player on-screen compass = too much handholding?


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Mar 16, 2012
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I hate guessing based on the text, heck I don't even read sometimes.
Give me the exact location of the quest.

If you argue that would influence how I play the game, that depends on my initial impression of the game. Most of the time, I explore the game world of my own volition, I will save the quest marker for later when I want to progress the game. But if the game gave me the impression that the exploration ain't worth my time, then I could just follow the quest marker.

This is because I usually refuse to humor the game and the developer's design. If the world is handcrafted, I don't want my flow being interrupted such as "Go seek the clue yourself" when I can just ask the dev/game to guide me, or I can just open up the wiki. Things are different if the content is procedurally generated. Exploration would feel more meaningful in generated worlds.

Compass is a different thing though.
For RPG, If this compass/minimap interface is glued on the screen and it basically tells you where you can/can't walk, then I would unconsciously just watch the compass instead of watching the scenery. A separate menu scene for the map is fine though.

So yeah basically my summary:
- Quest Marker/Where to go: ✔
- Compass/Minimap: X

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