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Feb 8, 2015
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"An action works better than 1000 words. In this case, the action is this image."
This script will let you assign a Red, Green or Blue value for the Message Box/Window Color. Useful for "First Run/New Game" setups that want the "Mother 3 Window Flavor System" This one is more customizable. The R, G or B variable can be changed and it does update instantly the variable changes.

- Change the Message Box/Window Color by simply changing variables
- Auto Regulation -- No values over 255 will be accepted (will be set to 255)
- Any variable ID can be set.

How to Use
1- Go to Scripts
2- Make a new script space below Materials
3- Put the name and paste the script
4- Change the variable values if desired
5- To change the colors, add an event with three Number Input actions with 3 digits each one, pointing to the three variables in the script. (Step 4)



Godly Pastebin! :D


Q: Do I have to make a "Number Input" event everytime I want to change the Window Color?
A: No, you can set the variable accordingly to tonything you want.

Q: Will be "Set Window Color" be rendered useless because of this?
A: Yes because the variables will override ANY attempt to change the color by the traditional way.

Credit and Thanks
- GlitchyPSIX

Author's Notes
"From the need the creativity comes."
That was how this script was made.
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