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    Update 11/10: A last-minute addition to the IGMC version bugged out bombs and offensive scrolls. I'm very sorry. Herbs, Potions, and the Ataraxia scroll are okay.

    Did you notice that like half the entries in this contest are just drawings of anime breasts? lol contain yourselves pls

    anyway here's game night


    The Mist moves ever eastward, nipping at your heels. Breathe it in, and you will die. Dash through the ruins of a border town while slaying the monstrous remnants of those who once lived there. Death is coming for you.

    Tutora, Sheris, and Baya might not entirely buy the gravitas of Arcane Mist 7, but that doesn't mean they're not going to play it. Well, Tutora will play it. Sheris will probably just make fun of it and Baya will probably fall asleep and knock her soda over, but hey, that's what friends are for, right?

    Enjoy a difficult, nuanced turn-based dungeon crawler with seven different classes that each interact with the world in a different way. Will you build Sheris as an evasive, counter-attacking Fencer that eviscerates enemies as her allies enchant her? Or will she be an apothecary that collects herbs from along the dungeons' paths, revitalizing her allies and duplicating their beneficial effects? Do you use your Engineer to build a bridge, or should you take that northern route that looks like it has a disturbed grave for your Priest to tend to? Maybe that ritual will even push back the Mist...

    ...or not?


    Maybe at first! But I'm sure with some trial-and-error you'll figure things out. Game Night is hard, but manageable. And if you want, there's a special Mistwatch mode you can turn on at the start of each level. It'll make the battles easier so that you can just enjoy interacting with the world and running from the Mist. :)

    But if you're really into Craze's exquisite taste for great battles (Wine & Roses, anyone?), there's a lot going on here for you. Tutora, Sheris, and Baya each have their own unique abilities on top of whatever classes you rank them up in. This demo lets you max out a single class, but the eventual full game will let you rank another class up 2/3 of the way, too!


    No, seriously. It turns them into rats. What more could you want out of an RPG!?


    Baya's signature spell, Blood of the Root, consumes part of her Health, but that's okay. She can just knock some coffee back with Thermos Time and be fine again. And yeah, you can look at your passive abilities in battle. There's some important stuff there, like Sheris dealing bonus damage to enemies with ailments, or how Engineers deal massive criticals, or that Rank 2 Apothecaries can throw potions at allies. Craze worked really hard on these class abilities, please critique ferociously.

    So, yeah. Please enjoy Game Night.

    it's my thread and i'll be obnoxious if i want to

    Game Design - Craze, Karsuman
    Level Design - Craze
    Portrait Art - Karsuman
    Writing - Karsuman
    Scripts - Craze*, Yanfly, Victor Sant, Zeus81, Neonblack
    Music & Sounds - JDB Artist, Enterbrain (sounds only)
    Animations - hadecynn
    Icons - Craze, Jason Perry
    Font - Apostrophic Laboratories
    Testing - Silviera

    Engine & other assorted material - Enterbrain; please see bottom of doc

    *A note on scripts: All edits were made by Craze to publically available scripts, including his own, with the exception of two instances ("breathing"/flying enemies and the skill name bar in battle). These were lifted from Craze's previous game, Wine & Roses. All other non-public work was crafted by Craze during the event itself.

    Please do not copy-paste scripts directly out of this project. Craze loves other people looking at his work, but he codes in his own style. Even scripts that look like a self-inclusive system likely have hooks elsewhere in the game -- simply put, it will not work for you. Watch and learn, then execute your own creative endeavors. :)


    Music credits (Retroperspective):
    [Copyright](C) 2014 JDB Artist

    Battlers/Tiles/Sprites (RMDS Packs):
    [Copyright](C) 2012 ENTERBRAIN, INC;
    artists Archeia, EvilEagles, Tobby Ong, Caz

    Animations (Quintessence/Quantum)
    Andy Chen

    Special Thanks to Degica Co., especially for for hosting the event and publishing some great resource packs!

    p.s. is this what you all want???? tora is her own "person" (anybody who watches that many horror movies isn't human) i don't think she'd appreciate you leering
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