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    Hi there, fellow Makers!

    So I used this contest not primarily to win, but to kinda take a break from my "actual project" and see what's possible with basic RTP assets plus scripts, no parallax mapping, no folderol. And I can't say that I'm disappointed.

    Try it out, if you will. If you like it, feel free to +1, and even if you don't, I'm looking forward to positive and negative feedback! :)

    A little overview over the game:

    GPR cireneG is the heartbreaking story of a little fellow that gets bullied around all his life and finally decides to take matters into his own hands!




    NPC_382 is a slime, hidden in the first cave of any generic RPG, waiting to be shellacked. One day he is fed up with being the doormat for all new players and a way to get fast xp and money.


    He traverses the dungeon to meet his boss and discuss the issue at hand with him, so he won't have to suffer any more. On its journey it transforms into different generic "enemy encounters" and fights players with increasingly awesome equipment who stand in its way!



    A fast paced and challenging game with a really clever name. Have fun!


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    Here's my very quick and sketchy take on the game (link for info on why it's so short and all that jazz)

    +Overall presentation is nice.

    +Smooth combat sequences.

    +The fourth wall joke was amusing.

    -I understand the cave has to be dark, but it’s a bit TOO dark. It doesn’t help that I can never see where the corners of the room are and it’s hard to judge how to move along.

    -Yellow font over red backdrop and yellow window border makes text hard to read.

    -Does the password system replace saving? Don’t really enjoy that.

    -Game lacks something to make it interesting and keep you invested.

    To the developer: The concept is neat, but you don’t seem to actually do much with it. There is nothing horribly bad with the game, but it doesn’t really engage the player much unless you’re really enamored of the basic gameplay.

    Something as simple as adding some funny cutscenes after every “stage” would do wonders for the game. As it is, the gameplay is not addictive enough to warrant the interest to keep playing just for it.
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    I believe this is an awesome game.

    The point of GPR cireneG is to actually tell the story (and reveal the fate) of the slimes, the weakest regular monsters in Rpg games, without using cutscenes and dialogues at all...except for the intro and the ending.

    TBH this game doesn't really need them to be engaging, almost all you need to know is pretty much shown through gameplay, a very solid and addictive gameplay.

    Everytime you die you have chances to become more powerful and you get addicted to that feeling, that's why you can't stop playing until you finish it.

    The game is well balanced too, the heroes in the various levels can always put up a fight and there are nice little puzzles and customization for the main character (this adds a lot of replayability in New Game +).

    I didn't really like the scripts that you used though, Khas Awesome Light Effects lags a lot on some systems and Mog's Battle GUI is too colorful for my tastes, plus it looks really out of the place with the theme of this game.

    I loved the ending...everything made sense, it's an eternal wheel of death and replacement.

    A slime is fated to become the Demon God (The Final Boss) that actually "wants" the heroes to explore his dungeon, he wants them to train, gain experience and become more powerful so he can devour them at the end (experienced heroes are more tasty).

    Seriously, it's pretty much all shown when you play it, the evolution of the slime and how the entire thing is fated to loop over and over and over...for eternity.

    It's an awesome game because it doesn't need a lot of cutscenes, dialogues or character development to tell a story and the concept about it is unique, I'm a bit sad and disappointed that people are ignoring it.

    Not every game developer can manage to tell a story through gameplay, let's be honest here.

    I highly reccomend to play it.
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    Dalph explaination make me want to test it when I get a more stable internet I will check this game :3!
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    Now that judging is over, I am finally free to talk about this game.

    Among the entries, this is one of my top 5 favorites.

    There are some issues with the presentation such as the maps being too dark, minor spelling issues, the text is pretty hard to read and terrible GUI. Some of the mapping could use work and there is that one annoying ice level which isn't helped by major lag issues due to the lighting script. Don't get me wrong, despite my complaints about full screen and such, my pc is a gaming pc aka a beast. This isn't normally a problem but when RM actually chops with my specs, you know that this game has performance issues. The good music choice is enough for me to keep trudging even when there are some audio issues sometimes.

    BUT, it is one of those games that knows its premise well and sticks to it. Cutscenes won't help this game a dime or any interaction from useless characters. It's a game about how the other side of the coin works, so to speak. It's the side where we don't usually see in RPGs (which I believe is the reason why the game's title is even backwards). It's the side of the monsters, told by a slime that eventually becomes a Demon Prince to succeed the main antagonist. It's about how dysfunctional and unemotional that side is compared to the hero side. This game also has amazing humor thrown in without destroying the plot. Overall I liked it and I wouldn't change anything to how it's conveyed.

    Gameplay-wise, the mechanics are simple but interesting. The timed attacks get old really fast. Missing even after mastering QTE is even worse. The final dungeon gets annoying. Adding stun on a single player game is cheap.  Too much touch encounters, but I can see why they did it, it's the theme of the game where heroes infest the dungeons to get stronger and finally defeat that one evil lord. I love the whole you HAVE to die and get powerful, it brings the point home to the main plot. The fast pacing is awesome and I really enjoyed this game.


    Do I recommend this? Yes and No. It depends on your preference. But with my circle of friends that get bored easily by RM games, this is one of those rare games that don't.

    I would love to see this remade (or I'll do it for you developer-san if you're lazy).
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