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Jun 27, 2017
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The Fifth Battalion of the Royal Army of Askr, colloquially known as the Lost Souls, is comprised of orphans, raised to be soldiers from a very young age. They are typically looked down upon by the rest of their compatriots, especially the noble-born Grand Knights of the First Battalion. For years, tensions between Askr and its neighbouring kingdom of Rystia have been growing over who has the right to wield the ancient Elder weapons. The tensions have reached breaking point, and spurred by divine providence, Rystia has invaded Askr, using the holy blade Andvari to carve their path into Askr.

A group of squires from the Lost Souls manages to escape the destruction of Idun, Askr’s capital. Led by Luneth, they begin to wage a resistance against Rystia and are soon drawn into a conflict that will reveal truths about the long-lost history of the world.

Grand Knights Archive is a strategy RPG, blending turn-based tactical combat with the epic scope, character development and progression of RPGs. Build your army, lead them into battle and discover their stories and potential as you fight to defend the Kingdom of Askr from destruction.

Major Inspirations
Fire Emblem (especially Blazing Sword and The Sacred Stones), Final Fantasy Tactics (both the original and the Advance series), Yggdra Union

- Turn-based tactical battle system.
- 20+ characters to build your army with, each with their own unique character class.
- Sidequests for every playable character, exploring their backstories and allowing them to unlock their potential.
- Central town area to return to between story chapters, so you can outfit your army and interact with them outside of battles.
- Death in battle will have consequences. Revive items are expensive and don’t fully heal your characters, revive spells are very limited and have long cooldowns, and your only option outside of this is reviving your characters at a sanctum in town between battles for a cost.

Squire – A sword-wielding soldier, they have the ability to debuff enemies and use offensive skills, as well as heal themselves. Promotes into the Knight with the Gallant Crest.
Defender – An axe-wielding class outfitted with heavy armour, they can increase their own defence along with allies’, in addition to being able to decrease enemy defence and impact their move points with heavy blows. Promotes into the Guardian with the Saviour’s Shield.
Lancer – A spear-wielding class who can utilise their extra reach to attack multiple enemies in a row. They possess lots of agility and a high movement range. Promotes into the Dragoon with the Wyvern Scale.
Battle Mage – A versatile class which can equip swords, tomes, staves and rings. They can wield all types of magic but do not excel in any of them, although they do have a few unique skills unavailable to any other class, especially after they promote. Promotes into the War Mage with the Ars Arcana.
Dark Knight – A heavily-armoured knight equipped with dark blades, Dark Knights can cast abilities from their own health for high damage. Promotes into the Blood Knight with the Claret Gem.
Light Mage – A class equipped with staves, Light Mages are equipped with an arsenal of healing and holy magic. Promotes into the Holy Mage with the Divine Rosary.
Dark Mage – Masters of dark magic, Dark Mages are equipped with tomes to bring about destruction on their enemies. Promotes into the Fell Mage with the Forbidden Seal.
Red Mage – Equipped with rings to boost their connection to a specific element, Red Mages have a vast array of elemental magic to call upon. Promotes into the Anima Mage with the Elemental Brooch.
Green Mage – A supportive mage which can equip staves, they can boost their allies’ stats and cast protective magic, while applying debuffs on the enemy. Promotes into the Jade Mage with the Verdant Crystal.
Time Mage – A mage equipped with tomes which can manipulate the flow of time, giving allies extra turns, accelerating their turns, slowing down enemies’ turns, and increasing and decreasing move points, and gains several offensive spells upon promotion such as Gravity. Promotes into the Vortex Mage with the Arcane Timepiece.
Trickster – A ranged fighter who throws cards at enemies, their decks are filled with magical cards which can inflict various types of damage and effects on the enemy, such as lowering their movement, inflicting blindness and silence, etc. They are a risky proposition as their accuracy is low and their skills do not always inflict the desired effects, but they can be very rewarding if luck is on your side. Promotes into the Gambler with the Loaded Dice.
Hunter – A bow-wielding class with skills made to deal with monsters, they can also lay traps for enemy units and immobilise them temporarily. Promotes into the Ranger with the Raven’s Skull.
Sharpshooter – A bow-wielding class which can output exceptional single-target damage with its skills, they possess high agility and some of the best accuracy in the game. Promotes into the Sniper with the Marksman’s Honours.
Holy Knight – Equipped with holy swords, the holy knight has a range of offensive light magic, sword skills and healing magic. Promotes into the Divine Knight with the Articles of Faith.
Fell Knight – Using dark blades, Fell Knights use a mixture of sword skills and dark magic. Promotes into the Malice Knight with the Tainted Missive.
Chemist – Their range of skills involves using potions to attack and inflict statuses on their enemies in a wide area. Their innate skill Pharmacology increases the effectiveness of items by 150%, and increases to 200% upon promotion. Promotes to Alchemist with the Spirit Panacea.
Mage Knight – Equipped with swords, their arsenal of skills involves elemental physical attacks against enemies. Promotes to the Mystic Knight with the Radiant Talisman.
Summoner – Equipped with rings, Summoners have basic ability in elemental attacks, but the meat of their power is in their ability to summon AI-controlled companions with their own sets of abilities. In addition to this, their promoted class gains powerful magic that can hit multiple enemies from long range, but costs a lot to use and has a cooldown of a few turns. Promotes into the Evoker with the Phoenix Feather.
Warrior – Heavily-armoured and wielding axes, Warriors can use their strength to knock enemies around the battlefield and cause collision damage. Promotes into the Berserker with the Power Bracer.
Rogue – Equipped with dual-wielded daggers, high agility and a high move stat, Rogues can put out a lot of attacks very quickly, but their low defensive stats and inability to equip medium or heavy armour means they often can’t take many hits. They have skills which can rush enemies and reposition themselves, and their promoted class can use skills which have an instant chance to fell a target. Promotes to Assassin with the Private Contract.

Ain't nothing like a good old bar fight to kick things off.

A group of well-armed soldiers versus our protagonists, clad in the finest Plot Armour? They never stood a chance.

In true Fire Emblem style, it's time to beat up some economically-disadvantaged bad guys.

...And their dogs. (BTW I worked for the Scottish SPCA and do not actually condone any cruelty to animals. Just thought I should clear that one up. Don't beat up any dogs.)

he protecc

- Items seem to break the game, as does the scan command. I’m not quite sure what the problem is or how to fix it, so for now I’d ask that you not use items or the scan command in the demo until the issue is solved.
- The game doesn’t run fantastically. I believe this is down to the pixi-particles.js script used by the battle system developer, as it seems to deprecate and may be causing a lot of memory leak. Unfortunately I’m no programmer, so if anyone with coding or JavaScript experience can help me get around this and optimise it, I’d appreciate it immensely!
- Some scene transitions are a little janky, and these will hopefully be fixed when I get around to polishing the game, but for now I’m focusing on creating the game first before doing quality passes.
- Music doesn’t loop seamlessly for now, but all music will have their loop points programmed in a second pass of the complete game, and some scenes may be missing music for now. If you encounter any scenes without music, let me know! Additionally, the music for now is either RTP or copyrighted – I know this is a problem, but I don’t have the talent to compose my own score, or the money to hire a composer at the moment. I’ll take some time to look for some royalty-free music but consider the music in the demo placeholders that’ll be changed for certain before release.
- All graphics will need additional optimisation, which may be causing slowdown. I’ll be running all of these through PNG Gauntlet before final release for as much compression as possible!

- I’d like to balance the experience system significantly, bringing it more in-line with a game like Fire Emblem. So far I’m considering using HimeWorks’ Battle Action Exp to provide EXP for every successful action taken, and her Exp Tables plugin to set the experience required to a flat amount for every level, similar to how Fire Emblem characters always level up at 100 Exp. I think this will make the game a lot easier to balance in general, knowing exactly how much experience is required for a level-up.
- I plan to add some more polish, customising the battle start graphic, loading screens, creating a more interesting game over effect, etc.
- I’d also like to use HimeWorks’ Enemy Reinforcements script to have additional enemy characters appear during battle like units in Fire Emblem, and her Level Up Events script so actors can level up during a battle instead of the end of it, I just haven’t figured out how to implement these into LeTBS.
- I’ve been testing using my keyboard so far, but if anyone wants to give it a go with a gamepad or mouse and let me know how well it works, I’d appreciate it!
- I’d also like to create different win conditions, such as seizing a specific tile or surviving a set amount of turns, but haven’t figured out how to implement these yet.
- I’m not sure if the intro scene needs a little something extra? Maybe an introduction to the world, its backstory, and the political situation? What are your thoughts?
- For later battles I want to have much more intricate maps. However, due to the way LeTBS handles battles, each set of enemies on a map is a troop in the database, and I’m not sure how many I can add to a map without the system either slowing down significantly or completely breaking. What would be the preferred method of handling this, with large battles featuring lots of enemies a la Fire Emblem, or smaller battles in multiple stages allowing you to rotate party members in and out between each stage, which will probably have a much smaller chance of breaking the game but might not feel as epic?

- First and foremost, @Lecode and his Tactical Battle System. This project literally couldn’t exist without it, and he’s done a fantastic job creating an extensive and modular battle system. Special shout-out to @Pharonix, who provides a lot of guidance and error fixes in the LeTBS topic, he’s been invaluable to getting this game working!
- Kadokawa and the ReStaff team for their graphics resources.
- Whtdragon for his tiles and animal sprites.
- Schlangen for his frankly excellent Extended Character Generator.
- Countless others whose names I can’t remember for their Character Generator parts, you’ll get credit before the final release, promise!
- Hadecynn, Timmah, Bubble Blog and Mascarpone for their animations.
- My girlfriend for putting up with me spending hours making this and my cat for providing moral support when he’s not being a wee terror.

Features around half an hour to an hour of gameplay, covering the prologue and first chapter. Give it a try and let me know what you think! I may also aim for a mobile version too, so I might have an .apk for the next demo, but for now this demo is Windows-only. You'll also need WinRAR to unzip the archive.
Demo removed until missing file issues are fixed, will be reinstated ASAP. Thanks for your patience!
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Quick heads up, you're missing some resources and it's causing loading errors. I tried to add things to make it work, but after the fourth time I called it quits. The errors I got were "Failed to load: img/leTBS/Battle_Start.png", "Failed to load: img/system/Window2.png", "Failed to load: audio/se/Magic4.ogg", and "Failed to load: img/animations/StateDeath.png".


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Jun 27, 2017
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Quick heads up, you're missing some resources and it's causing loading errors. I tried to add things to make it work, but after the fourth time I called it quits. The errors I got were "Failed to load: img/leTBS/Battle_Start.png", "Failed to load: img/system/Window2.png", "Failed to load: audio/se/Magic4.ogg", and "Failed to load: img/animations/StateDeath.png".
Ah jeez, my bad. Some of those are LeTBS images that it needs to make the battle system work, others must have gotten removed because of the Remove Unused Files options being a bit janky. I'll reinstate those and package it up into a new demo, thanks for the heads-up! My own fault for not playtesting the .exe but that's what happens when it's 4am.

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