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Apr 25, 2012
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VX~~ Christmas & Winter Resources ~~ACE
All of your Christmas, Holiday and Winter needs!
Please make every effort to use the materials linked here according to the posted
Terms and Conditions of the artists,

and always credit those who contributed to your game.
In addition, please respect the effort represented
in the body of work present in Granny's Lists
and do not copy them without permission. Thank you.

Christmas/Winter Themed Tiles and Animated Objects

Celianna's Tileset has snowy ground tiles, trees and rocks
PandaMaru's Christmas Festival Tiles
PandaMaru's Snowy Tiles
PandaMaru's Snowy and Lighted Trees
PandaMaru's Snowy tiles, Decorated Gates
Lunarea's Holiday Window
Bougainvillea's Christmas Packages
Bougainvillea's Christmas Stockings Hung by the Fireplace
Alaurable's Snowy edits of Mack's tiles
TitanHex's Zipped file of Seasonal Edits of Mack's Tiles
From the PandaMaru ACE Compilation
>>>Tilesets> einzelnes> Stained Glass Windows and CandyCaneLand
>>>Tilesets> overlay> Church in Winter, Gingerbread House
>>>Tilesets> snowy exterior tiles, snowy playground, winter festival booths,
>>>Characters> Objekte> Leuchter (wreath and decorated lights/sconces), gate_xmas
Candasis' Viking tiles have snowy buildings
Crazy_Leen's Winter and Christmas RETRO Snowy Tiles and Christmas Trees
FBU's Winter Pack of RTP edits - full set
Winter and Christmas Resources in RPG-Web Resource Staff Release 12-2014
RPGMaker DE ReStaff Advent Resources - with Advent Candles, Lighted Windows, much more!
Vehixographia Winter Pack
SDAruis' Snowy RTP edits
Fizzly's christmas tree

Snowy Tile Edits

Christmas Sprite Sets

Christmas Sprites Set Collaboration (Multiple Portraits, Emo Faces, Sprites)
FenixFyreX's Santa, Mrs Claus, Rudolph, Sleigh with Reindeer, Elf and other great sprites
Mrs Claus Portrait (goes with Fenix's sprites) by Sketcy-Sketch
Mrs Claus Face by Sketcy
Elf Faces (goes with Fenix's sprites) by Sketcy-Sketch
Santa Portrait by Jalen and PentagonBuddy (goes with Fenix's sprites)
Boy Elf (goes with Fenix's sprites) by Jalen
Girl Elf (goes with Fenix's sprites) by Jalen
Compiled faces, credit Pents, Jalen, Sketcy
Deathswallow's snowmen
Leech's RTP Dwarf recolored for Christmas
DevonGrizzle's Reindeer XP edit

PandaMaru's Christmas Sprite Set and Lovely Portraits of Mary From the PandaMaru ACE Compilation
>>>>>Facesets> Santa, Xmaschars, xmaselfs
>>>>>Facesets> Busts> Santa
>>>>>Characters> Rentierfrau (Reindeer Girl) XmasHero (Christmas Boy) XmasElf, Weihnachtsset (Santa, "gift" box, Wreath, Mistletoe)
>>>>>Characters> einzelne posen> Schlitten, Weihnachtschlitten,(Sled, Christmas Sled,) and Christmas Panda
>>>>>Facesets> Busts> Maria, Maria2 (with Babe)
PandaMaru's Elf faces and Sprites

Chocolate Mint Tree's Christmas Girl Set (Portrait, Emo Faces, Sprites, Downs)
Chocolate Mint Tree's Christmas Girl Sprite with downs
Chocolate Mint Tree's Christmas Girl Emo Faces
Chocolate Mint Tree's Christmas Girl Portrait

Chocolate Mint Tree's Christmas Ralph Set (Portrait, Emo Faces, Sprites, Downs)
Chocolate Mint Tree's Christmas Ralph Emo Faces
Chocolate Mint Tree's Christmas Ralph Sprite with downs
Chocolate Mint Tree's Christmas Ralph Portrait

Elf Faces and Custom Sprites
Tatanya's facesets are HERE, coordinates with Sen's elf sprites, below



Assorted Christmas Themed Sprites
Chocolate Mint Tree's Christmas Teddy Sprite
Devongrizzle's Magic Deer Looks like Reindeer
Leech's Christmas Dwarf - an 8-direction Vibrato battling sprite set recolor
Momope's Christmas Girl - portrait and sprite, emo faces and downs, People8 EB Christmas Sprite set downs
Rofire's Male and Female Sprites and Ace Emo Santa hat Faces

EB's Christmas Set

And materials posted to Coordinate with EB's Christmas Sprite Set:

Mine's EB Santa Portrait and Face
Momope's EB Christmas Girl Faces and portrait
EB Santa in Sled all loaded up, by Mommope
EB Sprite Downs, by Momope
Etoiler's Unique Style Faces for EB's Sprites

Christmas Battlers

Andinator's evil elf battler

Closet's Santa Portrait and emo faces
Closet's Ogre Battler in Santa Armor
Closet's Christmas Succubus Battler

Christmas Icons, Title/Game Over and animations

Yotsuba's Party Hat, reindeer, candle, wreath, poinsettia, bell, turkey icons
Avery's Christmas, Christmas Market and Winter icons (with FRUITCAKE! Yummers!)
Crazy_Leen's Winter and Christmas RETRO Icons
Lunarea's Starry Title or Game Over Screen
Timmah(Lexus)'s Christmas Animation Packs
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