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Dec 16, 2016
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GraphicalDesignMode - Version 2.10.3 (2019/11/02)

Creator name: Triacontane

☆☆☆Getting started.☆☆☆
In design mode, you can set or arrange objects properties and design the screen ingame during playtest.
Drag and drop: Grab windows and images and rearrange them where you want.
Ctrl + mouse: The window or image snaps to the grid. (Option key on Mac)
Shift + mouse: Windows and images will not snap to objects or screen edge.
If you type "changePos(x, y);" (x: X coordinate, y: Y coordinate) in the console, you can change window position.
Ctrl + S: Save all changes.
Ctrl + C: Copies the coordinates into a clipboard.
Ctrl + Z: Undo the last operation.
Ctrl + Shift + Enter: Resets all screen layouts and reloads.
Right-click: Displays / hides the window frame (or the entire window).
Number key: When pressed within the window, the corresponding properties can be changed as follows.
1. Window width (※1)
2. Window height (directly specified) (※1)
3. Window margin (※2)
4. Window font size (※2)
5. Height per line of the window (※2)
6. Window background transparency (※2)
7. Number of lines in the window (※2)
8. Window background image filename
9. Window font name (※3)
※1 JS calculation formula can be applied. The calculation formula is evaluated once on the spot you enter.
※2 JS calculation formula can be applied. The formula is saved and re-evaluated when displayed on the screen.
If you want to know, you can set the value like before.
※3 Fonts must be loaded. Please use "Font Load Plugin".
※4 For Mac, use the option key instead of Ctrl key. (The command key does not respond)

Example of hiding a window by right-click on a window

Don't forget to save changes with Ctrl+S

After you're done, set “Design Mode” to “OFF” for normal testplay.
Design Mode "ON" for deployment as finalization.

The contents displayed in the window can be changed with the following control characters.
\\AL[left]   # Left align (If blank, left)
\\AL[0]      # Same as above
\\AL[center] # Center
\\AL[1]      # Same as above
\\AL[right]  # Right align
\\AL[2]      # Same as above
Plugin Commands
Temporarily cancel the message window position change.
Re-enable message window repositioning.
Temporarily cancel the position change of the choice window.
Re-enable message window repositioning.

Contents are saved in “data/ContainerProperties.json”.
Editing with a JSON editor is also possible.

You can also define different window layouts for mobile devices.
Placement information for mobile is saved in “data/ContainerPropertiesMobile.json”.

Enable Fake mobile option to run on mobile device on PC
Can be reproduced. When reproducing mobile execution, the format of audio and video files-
May change the audio file or not play.

You cannot change the position of a window that's changed with this plugin.
Therefore, this plugin can be used for window positions change during the game.
If the position is fixed, it may not displayed correctly.

If the display ends up looking strange,
Use Ctrl+Shift+Enter to initialize all windows in the screen.

Credit and Thanks: Triacontane

Terms of Use-
Free for commercial and non-commercial use.

License -
MIT License:

You can download js file from the thread attachment or Dropbox link:



Raze: The Rakuen Zero's Guardian!
May 22, 2018
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I think this is the best plugin ever made to adjust windows / UI.
And in my tries, it works better than the Srd Super Tolls Engine.
I had translated it to English, but with google translate. Also, I want(someday) to make a great tutorial for this.
It's incredible.
Thanks to bring this, with some explanation to the community.

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