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Discussion in 'Introductions/Farewells' started by luigidicarlo, Dec 17, 2016.

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    Hello people!

    I'm just passing by to make my formal introduction to the forums. The name's Luis Huerta, although you may use my nickname to refer to me. I had initially created an account here aeons ago, but I had never posted anything or participated in the community. So, I'm looking forward to become a bit more active here in the years to come (?).

    I've been interested in developing a game for several years now and although I have made several attempts, I have failed miserably simply because I lose interest in what I had already done till that moment. So, for this new year, I hope I'll finally find the inner will to finish a project once and for all, specially because I'm no longer aiming for something extremely ambitious (my worst mistake until now...)

    I use primarily RPG Maker VX Ace since I find it quite easy to understand and offers robust tools to develop just the RPG that I envision. I will soon start a project named Maze of Fates which will comprise a simple adventure that requires the player to cross through several levels. Of course, that's only the premise. I'll see what I can do to expand that idea and make it grow into a much more interesting concept.

    What else can I say? Mmm... I don't really know. Oh! English is not my mother language, but I've been speaking it for years (since I was four and now I'm twenty one). My first language is Spanish and I also talk a little bit of French (I used to speak it more fluently, but I've lost practice). I also love writing stories and creating worlds, specially fantastic ones. I grew up reading the Harry Potter and Narnia sagas, so, what else did you expect? I've also grown more interested in post-apocalyptic worlds, so I'll see if maybe I develop a game encompassing that theme someday.

    I guess, this is it for now,

    Au revoir! :)
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    Welcome to the ACTIVE part of the group!

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