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Jun 26, 2019
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(Hehe, It's great to meet you. Everything you are about to read is not to be taken 100% seriously. I also hope you have a wonderful day!)

Ev_ , It's my introduction to an incredible community that I've known for some time. Joining the forums as my Alias is what I've achieved by doing this. Italics is how I choose to introduce myself.
. . . You've Got Mail . . .
Okay, I'll tell you some things about myself: Italics, Codes, Mysteries, Mail, Sprites, Writing, Forums.
There is more than what I have listed but maybe it's best you find out in the future. My upcoming project is something that I'm very excited to share with you all. I've recently created a thread asking for some support due to not being able to get my sprite working correctly. FYI: It's just a problem with a 96x96 sprite, trying to get it to work in RPG Maker MV. Anyways, I'm happy to be writing this introduction and creating this thread for you all to stare at in confusion.
Staying active on the forums is something that I'll most likely do in secrecy. You'll notice when I'm online due to- Eh, you'll just know. I'll also be writing some posts on my Profile Wall for those who may or may not be interested in reading my DevLog. I've also got a DevLog in the progress of existing, I'll share it with you in the future. So, who exactly am I? I'm just your ordinary New User who wants to write an introduction, work with others, support others, and help them achieve their dream with making RPG Maker Games. I'm here to also share my project that is currently in progress (We think) I don't know much about release dates.

. . . Italics . . .
Well, I've decided to keep the rest of my introduction thread italic free. Ev_ wishes you luck with your future projects and also welcomes all round to those who have also joined recently. If you feel like asking me questions or would like to know more about: Feel free to leave a comment on this thread. I'll most likely respond in the future (who knows when) but you will get an answer. If you can't already tell, I'm not serious about some things. Especially what I just said just now. You'd be more likely to get a reply from me than a meteor hitting this blue marble. Okay, that's a joke for another time. Anyways, I've got to go for now- but I'll be active on the forums and my Profile Wall. Feel free to Follow me if you wish to stay up-to-date with my future projects or maybe you are just interested in my boring life? :p

L.I.F.E - Haha, this is an inside joke that only myself and a few friends will understand.
Anyways, with that being said . . .


- Yours Faithfully,


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