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Nov 3, 2014
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Good evening to you all. Or good morning, or good afternoon, depending on your time zone. 

My name is Sullivan Miranda.

I'm known to my friends as the Doctor Artist, based on a character of my own design. His concept came to me in a dream long ago, and ever since then, the name and person I became changed my life. 

I am biologically twenty years and and ten months old. I turn twenty-one, soon, actually, oh boy...Anyways, I have just started college at American River, and I'm hoping to become an art teacher for junior high/high school level education. I'm an artist, and whenever I go out to sketch for long periods of time, I will use the Doctor Artist attire that was shown to me in that long-ago dream. 

I've been experimenting with RPG Maker VX Ace for a while, and only now have I decided on the story that will envelop this game I'm creating. It will have many tie-ins and crossovers--Ah, perhaps I should discuss it later on a topic meant for games. 

I'm hoping to make some friends here, and get a little more perspective on RPG Maker VX Ace. If anyone wants to talk, you can always message me whether or not I'm online, and I should get back to you in a fairly quick manner. 

Pleased to meet your acquaintances!

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