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Nov 5, 2014
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After the death of his sister, Thomas collapses into a coma and wakes in a mind-bending dreamworld filled with strange objects, horrifying creatures, and constant danger. Though each minute spent in this place inches Thomas towards insanity, he must push ahead in order to learn the secrets of his sister’s death - and himself.

Half Dead is a horror-adventure game with a heavy emphasis on atmosphere and interacting with the environment. Inspired by games such as Witch’s House and Ib, Half Dead features an ever-changing landscape that inches towards insanity. With danger at every turn, you must use your wit to navigate this unforgiving place and stay alive.


Half Dead’s story is driven by the player’s surroundings. Though there are flashbacks that tell Thomas’s story, it is up to the player to pay attention to surroundings and talk to NPCs to learn the full story. After all, it is Thomas’s mind you’re wandering through... (or is it?)

The main aspect that sets this game apart from other RPG Maker games is the SANITY health system. In Half Dead, health is shown through a sanity meter, and the lower your sanity becomes, the more distorted the setting will become as well. Previously harmless objects will begin chasing you, new, dangerous paths will open up, and npcs’ real motives may become more clear. This really increases uncertainty with the player, and adds to the creepy factor. Not only this, it adds a level of difficulty for players who’d like to play the game with very little health in order to see everything the game has to offer.

The player will progress through the dreamscape by completing puzzles. Puzzles can range from simple “use item” events to complex events requiring different sanity levels, the help of NPCs, or even monsters.

One thing I have to say though - this game’s main goal is to be creepy and unsettling, with some genuinely scary moments, much like Ib. However, it won’t feature jumpscares, and won’t put too much reliance on blood and gore, although it will have some. One of my main goals is to make an intriguing horror game without following the cliches of past RM horror title.
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Position Needed: Game Tester (about 3 needed at the moment)

- Some knowledge of other RM horror games (Ib, Witch's House, etc)
- Actual interest in playing the game
- Willing to critique game

My role in project: Sole game dev

I'm thinking the game is about an hour long at this point. Send me a PM if you're interested. Thanks!
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