Hall of Nerd needs you! (Recruiting developers, artists and musicians)


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Jun 25, 2015
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Hall of Nerd has a varied history, born of two friends and their vision for games, gaming and the love of everything nerd-tastic.

Steeped in that love, is a genre of games no one can forget, RPGs. The plucky graphics, bouncing sprites and bonus of saving a fictional digital world, always drew us back.

I'm a newcommer to this vision, but share it's essence, one I believe many of you share as well.

Those lovers of RPGs, lovers of games, people who want to tell great stories, design beautiful art, and make addicting gameplay...


Hall of Nerd needs you!

We are now recruiting for several positions in our fledgling design studio. (These positions are volunteer-level at this point. We have plans to make these into full-time paid positions, although that involves some 'Ifs'.)

- Artist -

This person would be responsible for custom Tiles, Sprites and design art. Applicants should be able to work with concept and lead designers on project art needs, with flexibility to work in several 'types' of styles. (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, etc)

- Coder -

This person would be responsible for custom scripts, and implementation of design concepts into game mechanics. Applicants should be able to work with concept and lead designers on scripting needs in a multitude of environments. (RTS, RPG, Simulation, Action, Platformer, etc)

- Musician -

This person would be responsible for background music, and soundtracks. Applicants should have the ability to work with concept and lead designers on themes and moods of the soundtrack to match game environment. Flexibility is a must. (Fantasy, Upbeat, Morbid, Sci-Fi, etc)

- Mapper/Eventer -

This person would be responsible for map design and flow. Applicants should have the ability to work with the artist, and concept/lead designers on the scope and feel of each map. Ability to visually portray a realistic environment through the use of tilesets, parallax mapping, etc. Flexibility is a must. (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, Steam-punk)

Maybe there's something we missed? If you think your skills are particularly useful, please post below and let us know.

Now, on to the nitty gritty stuff people want to know about.

These positions are not paid.

We have plans to make these positions full-time, if some things happen the way we want. We all know life doesn't always give you what you want, so there's that. I want that out there in the open so we have no disputes.

We are looking into every aspect of funding for this development.

YouTube, Twitch.tv, *******, GoFundMe, maybe even Kickstarter once we have a worthy creation.

Hall of Nerd is not an exclusive game production studio. It is a group interested in games, life, love and happyness. Our humor will find no walls, no barriers.

We plan to release comedic content, tutorial content, Vlogs, Let's Plays, and more.

All our eggs will not be in the 'Game Creation' basket.

That being said, we are branching out into game design as a more active part of our goals. Here is the team so far.

Macatlas - Creative Director, Writer, Eventer, PR/Media and Marketing

SaintInix - Director of Operations, Writer, Eventer, Mapper and Designer

The Other Guy - Chief Operations Officer, Finance, Accounting and Lunchboxer

You? Who knows - Whatever it is that you do so well

Current Projects and Ideas




Hal Kirkland is a 43-year-old retired mercenary who spends his days drinking and gambling in the cozy town of Salvum near Insavance's southern border. On a warm summer's eve, while Hal is drinking at his favorite haunt, he is approached by one of his old partners. The partner, Walter Conroy, offers Hal a high-paying contract. Hal hastily explains his retirement to his partner. However, Walter insists that Hal will want to take the job. "Hal, a girl's life in danger" says Walter as Hal is preparing to leave to smoke a cigar. Hal returns to Walter, sighs, then says, "tell me about the girl."


Hal Kirkland - Retired Mercenary
Hal is a retired mercenary who's a little rough around the edges. He spent most of his youth gambling, drinking, smoking, and involving himself with questionable mercenary work. Now that he's retired, he just gambles, drinks, and smokes. He's no stranger to love and loss, a fact that shows in his piercing, scrutinizing gaze. His unshaven jaw serves as a testament to his self-loathing nature.
"What the hell is so interesting about those books? I know what you're thinking and no, I'm not paying for a library card so you can sit at the inn and read all day."
Isabella Vitam - Damsel in Distress
Isabella's spunky, go-lucky attitude serves as a suitable cover for her immense fear of what lies ahead. Her baby-blue eyes are filled with wonder as she explores the world around her. Isabella's smile can melt the heart of any man; the elegant shape of her face houses a wonderful assortment of expressions. She possesses wisdom beyond her years, which is both useful and irritating to those around her.
"Just two books? Please? We're days away from Relicum. What else am I supposed to do while you're keeping me awake with your incessant snoring?"

-character art in this description are courtesy of Hollow

What we need
1 pixel artist or spriter
1 coder, preferable with Luna Engine experience
We have custom character graphics created by Hollow and Ashikai.
We have every western/Steampunk resource pack from the RM Store.
We have several additional resource packs that fit the vision for the game.


Fidus Finds Femella


One day, at a bar in Bridgetown, a young Hero named 'Fidus' is approached by a frantic woman named 'Femella'. Femella tells Fidus that a local Villain, The Duke, is trying to kidnap her. Before Fidus can inquire further, Femella is whisked away in a beam of light, leaving Fidus to believe that she's been taken by The Duke. Fidus gathers a rag-tag band of Heroes and heads to the Castle of The Duke in search of Femella. The Castle is not all that it seems, however. Fidus and his group find themselves caught in a series of trials and challenges that will challenge their wits, skills, and loyalty to one another. Can Fidus find Femella before it's too late? Will the Duke's challenges prove too difficult for the young team of Heroes? Only time will tell...


Fidus Finds Femella focuses on two elements of gameplay: character customization and loot. There are over 80 variations of each individual weapon/armor in the game, so there are hundreds of strategies to use when equipping your characters. Instead of gaining experience from battles, you'll be rewarded with gold (and only gold). You can spend your gold on upgrades for your characters via Spelldrinks (stat increases, learning new abilities, increasing the number of a character's skill slots, etc), and then use your leftover gold to outfit your characters through 'Blacksmith', the blacksmith. Each character has two unique skills - beyond that, character progression is in your hands. Want to give your mage an unrealistic amount of health, just because? You can do that. Want to give your paladin a crazy amount of defense so he can defend your other characters with ease? That's also an option. I chose to use the 'Spelldrink' system to save on time, but as the system has progressed, it has become a very powerful tool that allows the player to have complete control over strategies and leveling.

What we need

Character artist

Spriter or coder

Musician/Audio Engineer


Work: Game or Life?

' It's brutal, visceral reality. In. Your. Face. Toil for the benefit of your corporate masters under harrowing conditions, lose your fingers, or lose your mind? '

Work explores the hazard of living in a 'civilized' debt based model of slavery. Balance sleep with pointless activities to maintain your sanity. Work really, super hard, and get an honorary promotion. Without pay, of course, and more responsibilities. You're a team player, right? Good, go get 'em champ!

Gameplay is combat based, with characters gaining experience mostly through combat. There are plans for great things, but this game is very early stages. Other than a few pages of notes, I just jumped in and started making the game.

This is a project that is not finalized, or even 50% planned. There is room for input, and other than a few ideas so far, nothing is concrete.

That being said, I do not have solid progression on this project, and it's one that will take some hashing out. On the other hand, having very little on paper means this game could go anywhere essentially. Sky is the limit here.

Dragon Wars (Probably not the final Title)

This game is just some ideas in my head, with a huge world map and a bunch of names of towns and such.

There's virtually nothing done in this project except for some ideas and a map. I had planned to take this to a 'Sandbox' level. Allowing free movement, multiple quest arcs, crafting, and a word that changes as you acomplish deeds and tasks.

The plan is to make as much that is really possible, do-able in the game. Harvesting crops, chopping down trees, building a house (Probably pre-fab, but who knows), crafting and upgrading weapons, learning magic, etc.

Just a big ol' fashioned RPG with as many Next Gen Game activities packed into it as the maker can handle.

Other ideas in my head: (Pretty much JUST ideas, nothing on paper, or any projects actually started)

Purgatory: Soul Factory (I do have a concept map done for this, but not much else)

This game is kinda like Fallout Shelter in some ways. Same kind of idea with rooms/levels.

Instead of a basic time-based Tower game, I wanted to add a Rogue-like element to it, so that you have to physically clear each level/room before using it. Loot, Stats, RPG-like style, inside a Tower game.

So you can be clearing a level, while some folks working for you are making you a new piece of armor, and generating more resources for you to expand. Though you would be able to find chests and cool things to give bonuses while exploring the levels.


This game is probably not terribly long. I intend to base it off of a short story I started to write a couple years ago. Viral outbreak, immune guy watches his fiance die and then escapes the military lockdown to go home to die. Finds out he is immune, and then starts noticing things. Long story short, he tracks down the man in charge of the release of the Virus and crazyness ensues.

Puzzler/Platformer/RPG kinda maybe? Very dark, gritty and probably some vivid descriptions of death. I planned to make this a Mature Only game.

Distant Skies

Space Epic. Long story short, variation on 'Firefly' origin, leaving Earth to find a new home. It's a pretty interesting setting. I made up some cool stuff for it, the history and backstory of leaving Earth, the three classes that rose from it. (Labor, Tech and Ruling classes)

It's a story now, but I pictured a Parallax space map with isolated planets (Many, many planets), trading, ship upgrades, levels for yourself and your companion (Really nifty little idea, really like the character) a customized robot with a sophisticated AI.

The first two, more polished projects are from Macatlas. He's been working on them for some time now with the Lunchbox. (Our semi-silent partner, he handles a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, and finances, organization, and another angle from which to view the story, writing and ideas.)

Macatlas has been using the VX Engine for years, and has logged well over 1000 hours inside the engine. Myself, somewhere between 100-200, not counting tutorials. I am very much a novice of the engine. I do have a deep Role-Playing background, and have been designing game/combat systems since I was old enough to write.

As you can see folks, we have quite a bit going on, a lot of good ideas, and tons of material to work with.

What we need now, are people interested in getting in on the ground floor of something. People dedicated to games, people who enjoy and love to play as well as design.

Honestly folks, there's a million hurdles, and only a few ways to get to the finish line. The ideas, the passion we have, drives us to do what others shy from.

Is this going to be difficult? Hell yes. Anything worth doing, always is.

Is this a sure thing? Hell no. Anything and EVERYTHING could go wrong.

Will it? Maybe.

Like a great man once said, we chose to do this, not because it was easy, but because it was hard.

We have a vision, a dream, and the big hairy nerd nuts to carry us over the finish line.

Now, who's with me!?!?

For the time being, I'd like to ask that you post all applications here in the thread, send them in PM to Macatlas, or e-mail them to hallofnerd@gmail.com
Please include the following (PM Applications are accepted, please send your app to Macatlas, and he will be in touch with you.)
Skill - What are you good at? (What are your strengths and what Engine are you familiar with?)
Experience - How long have you been doing it? (How long have you used the Engine?)
Projects - What have you worked on before? (Projects, unfinished stuff, commisions, etc)
Favorite Genre - Which genre do you always end up playing/creating? (RPG, Point-and-click, Platformer, Puzzle Game, Sim?)
Favorite Era - Do you prefer fantasy? Steampunk? Modern? Sci-Fi?
Time Available - The time (In Hours) you could dedicate to the team. (Per day, per week, or per month)
Time Zone - Where you are in the world is very important. (Time zones and sleep schedules will have to be worked out.)
Influences - Any influences, special styles, niches, etc. (Did you love ChronoTrigger? Do find that every game you make is kinda like something else? Let us know)
Please, let's keep discussion about our projects and ideas confined to the topic at hand. Let's try to keep this organized and orderly.​
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Jul 9, 2013
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Let me in on this!

Skill - Digital Art, i'm adept at creating digital graphics like titles and logos. Overall Game Design, I'm also good at being innovative and designing entire concepts and systems for games. I also consider myself a decent eventer. I can help with a few things  in the scripting department, however I'm new to RGSSx and ruby.

Experience - I started with RPG maker when I was around 16-17 years old so 4-5 years, never until this date have I released a finished product lol.

Projects - I really only have one main project I am working on at the moment, Icarus Legends. I also have Blue Nexus which development is halted until further notice.

Favorite Genre - RPG, although I have an Idea for a puzzle like game.

Favorite Era - Fantasy and steampunk are my favourite.

Time Available - at least 3-5 hours a day.

Time Zone - Time Zone is Eastern Standard Time

Influences - I really get my inspiration from all of you, I see the AMAZING ideas people come up with so I generate my own. Of course I loved Skyrim, and most of the classic RPGs as well.

Well, that is all.


I think this line's mostly filler.
Mar 20, 2013
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Thanks for the response, Yuuta!

We're working on setting up a meeting so we can figure out who will be involved, what project we'll work on, and so forth. We'll keep you posted; I really like what I'm seeing so far. ;)


Jul 22, 2015
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Skill - Concept art, Illustrations, and Art.  Good at both digital and traditional art.  Graphic Design background.

Portfolio: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ynjz0i0oh3qgojw/AABJoCm15Ee3c0O7vNUyMNVFa?dl=0
Experience - Started rendering art for games this summer (2015).  Got my name on a couple indie games.  New to RPGmaker and programming in general.
Projects - 

Super Beans App (Finished)- Its an endless runner by Orme available on google play.  My friend worked on programming and I worked on everything else.

Project Jawajuice (In Progress)- Desert sci-fi third person shooter.  I made weapons and monsters as well as character designs.

Project Necromancer (On Hold) - A personal project of mine.  A puzzle-based platformer.

Project Talos (In Progress) - Another personal project.  It will be the first game I will make on my own using RPGmaker.

Favorite Genre - Platformers
Favorite Era - 1940s, Film Noir Era.  1920's prohibition era is a close second.
Time Available - I'm free anytime before October.  After October, I have college stuff.
Time Zone - Pacific Time, California
Influences - I like the art of japanese artists such as Shigenori Soejima from the persona series.  I also like the art style of Takeshi Obata of the Deathnote manga.  Batman Animated Series by Bruce Tim is very influential to my art and Jack Kirby's dynamic poses really interest me.  Oh, I love the way Kenneth Rocafort, artist of the early Red Hood and the Outlaws comics, portray energy and light.  Non-anime/comic influences include the Art Deco movement, Film Noir, and vintage art.


I think this line's mostly filler.
Mar 20, 2013
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We've had a lot of applicants. Thank you, everyone, for your interest in this project.

We are still accepting more applications and are happy to have more collaborators on board. Specifically, we still need a pixel artist, a digital artist to work alongside of Detectivegame, and a code/scripter.
Mar 16, 2015
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Hey! I know you didn't ask for this but I'm a writer and I just love the look and design of HALL OF NERD. I know you didn't say you needed that position but I just wanted to try anyway. Instead of dragging this out over a comment even though I don't know if you even need another writer, I'm just going to put this on here. Please contact me through PM or reply and tell me if that kind of position is feasible and I'll send an application right away.

Hope to see you soon, Michael
Mar 16, 2015
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P.S. I'm learning all the coding shizzle so in the future I may be of help.

Oh and i can do a bit of pixel art but im really not that good at it.

I have loads of ideas for cool games but I can't do them on my own so this could be a great chance for me.
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