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Feb 23, 2012
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Boo! It's time for giving out candy, tricking, treating, and generally acting ghoulish! To celebrate the season we're going to shamble on in to the Halloween Steam sale with RPG Maker and some spooky resource pack offerings! Be sure to check everything RPG Maker on sale in the Halloween Steam sale!

But that's not all. We also have a free Halloween themed mini-pack available, plus 3 additional new releases!

Now that the nights are getting longer and the leaves are falling from the trees, it is time to prepare for winter… and other things. If you stay up late, you might hear sounds that are both unfamiliar and unsettling. Wolves howling and other noises. You don’t really want to know who is responsible for them - or rather what.

This Halloween brings you two totally free amazing new charsets to spice up your games. Watch out for the mummy, as touching it might result in being cursed! Maybe you can knock it down anyway? The sprites for it lying on the floor are ready to go!

In its company we have a cute yet scary jack o'lantern spirit, who could either be an antagonist or friendly helper. No matter which you go with, it has dressed up in a fabulous tuxedo and a shredded cape and is ready to star in your adventure!

Have a happy Halloween and may these two enhance your games - the spooky ones or any other!

Download now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

If you want your retro game to be more than fights and exploring areas, this pack is just for you. With those 14 chiptune style tracks you can not only emulate the nostalgic spirit of some of your favourite games but also have the perfect tunes to underlay your cutscenes, intros, outros, credit scenes and other parts that show the player your game’s story and world.

Have them play in the background while flipping through ancient scrolls, illustrated books or while looking back at an elongated flashback to the past, vision of the future, or things going on just right at that very moment. No matter whether these scenes are somber, joyful or tense, you’ll have the right music for any mood!

So if you are in need of some soft and sorrowful tunes to lay under your hero’s tragic backstory, you can be sure to find that within this set. If you want a dramatic track as you zoom over to your enemy's headquarters as they plan an assault on your hero’s home country, then you’ve got a track for that, too.

With all these inspiring pieces at hand, it will be much easier for you to imagine and play out all those sequences that port your story though the screen and speakers to your players’ imagination.

Listen in and have fun with the 90’s Retro Sounds Story Pack!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Take a break from the dungeon crawling to rest and recover in relaxing villages with 90s Retro Sounds - Country! Takayuki AMANUMA’s pack focuses on tunes perfect for old school towns. Made by sampling real instruments, this pack’s chiptune songs have a unique style while still being reminiscent of those old games we played and loved as kids.

This pack’s 11 BGMs give you plenty to work with to create the perfect village atmosphere. Play soft and restful songs when your player visits quaint farming villages or when they return home after a long trip, or choose one of the songs with an energetic beat when your heroes enter a busy royal fort. Give your magic shop or fortune teller’s tent a fitting mystical tune with hypnotising horns, and after your heroes have spent all day shopping play a relaxing track as they make their way down empty streets to the village’s inn for a good night’s sleep. Bustling port cities and trading villages could do with a song with a fast-paced tempo to match the towns’ hectic natures, or use the faster tempoed songs when your player visits a town’s cheery festival.

And for those scenes where your player is meeting the village leader or maybe even a prince in disguise? Then pick one of the regal tunes with upbeat organ tones. If all your player’s adventuring has led them to a long-forgotten city of technology, the pack’s last track with a metallic-sounding beat may be just what the scene calls for.

So if your game’s retro towns need some fitting tunes, pick up 90s Retro Sounds - Country today!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Need more female voice lines to make your cutscenes a bit more interesting? Then take a listen to Japanese School Girls Vol.6! TK Projects’ newest sound effect pack brings you 245 SEs from a professional voice actress to help breathe life into your characters. Covering all sorts of emotions, this pack is perfect for a school girl with a calm personality.

Have your class president greet other students with a happy hello or wish your player a good day when school ends. If your player is a troublemaker who refuses to follow the rules, then your class president could reprimand them with a few angry lines. Or grab some of the shy SEs to give a voice to your quiet bookworm character when your player finds them reading alone in the library. Once your player has befriended her, add some sweet giggles to her scenes to show that she’s relaxed enough to laugh at your player’s jokes.

This pack includes a pdf that covers the English and Japanese meanings of every SE, making it easier for you to know which track to use no matter the situation. Even if the included lines don’t quite fit your scenes, the selection of breaths and sighs can add to the emotion of the dialogue without distracting from what your character says. Give your sweet characters a matching adorable voice with Japanese School Girls Vol.6!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!


Little Red Riding Hood
Global Mod
Sep 6, 2012
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Oh, thanks for the free Halloween sprites. They're awesome! :D

(The Halloween sale banner is adorable as well.)


Forewarner of the Black Wind
Jul 2, 2014
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...now I want the signature characters in costumes like that :guffaw:


Goofball Extraordinaire
Jul 13, 2012
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Love the little pumpkin man!! Thanks guys! :)

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