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Sep 13, 2020
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Hi! I assume this is the right thread, if it's not I'm sorry. I've never made a thread on any website before.
Anyways, I wanted high quality faces for the project I'm working on so I made some myself. Since I can't make high quality pixel art I figured I would make "busts" to replace the facesets.
In the attached rar you'll find 8 busts and simple faceset just made to help indicate which expression is which.
If you use these, please credit "TripToTheMun"
Can be used for commercial and non-commercial.
Side note: I would appreciate a free copy of your commercial game if you do use these but it's not required.
If you want me to make more expressions for him, feel free to ask. I can't guarantee I will but I might! And if it's just a combination of face features I've already made or just new eyebrows then I almost certainly will.
Oh, and the faceset is simple indications of the expression. If you want to edit the busts into a real faceset you can but a lot of quality will be lost.
Example using Galv's bust plugin:



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