Harold Sprite -- no head piece (RTP edit)

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Jun 18, 2018
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I've been messing around as I learn stuff and finally started working on a game. Then came a game jam with a Harold theme so I'm putting mine aside and am working on something for that. So...this will be my first actual game and first game jam! Um...if I finish it...I'm great at starting things...uh...yeah.

Anyways, Harold has to be a key part of my game but I want him wearing different clothes at the beginning. So...

I worked on the head to get rid of the headband and thought I'd share in case anyone else can use it too. Enjoy! :)


- Please credit Kadokawa for the RTP image & Quexp for the edit
- You must own RPG Maker MV
- May use for commercial and non-commercial games
- Edits okay
- Feel free to link to this thread rather than repost
- Being kind of a newbie (been around but just got into RMMV during COVID-19 shutdown), I'm not taking requests

I'd offer a faceset too but I'm not good at that kind of thing.
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